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    Gateway To Cannabis Relief - Topicals Get To The Bottom Of Aches, Pains

    Move over, Tiger Balm, Body Crème or Bengay. More and more seniors are turning to marijuana-infused skin preparations called "topicals" and some people swear by them to relieve muscle pain, arthritis and skin irritation. As more states legalize the federally banned herb, new products are...
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    Need recommendations for good creams & topicals

    Hello I will be getting my card soon to use topical creams for chronic pain. There are so many choices for creams and other topicals it is overwhelming. Could I get suggestions for effective topicals for arthritis, particularly severe in my hand. Secondary use is for nerve damage in my...
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    How To Incorporate CBD Topicals Into Your Chiropractic Practice Legally

    The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Norml) reports that more than 14 million Americans regularly smoke marijuana, making it "the third most popular recreational drug in America (behind only alcohol and tobacco)." And while some people use cannabis solely because they...