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Well, this auto grower has jumped into Clone World because I got an offer, and who am I to turn down free plants!

- AK-47 fem (x2): 20:1 THC/CBD, 60% Indica/40% Sativa
- Gold Leaf fem: 21:"high" THC/CBD (really, what the heck does that mean?), 35% Indica/65% Sativa
- Clones taken from recently flipped healthy parents, AK has pistils, Gold Leaf does not
- These will be kept in veg until next fall, so for now they will be outside during the day and moved under lights at night ~20/4 once they root. Once we're past the vernal equinox they will be grown outside exclusively
- The clones are in Miracle Grow potting mix (no nutes) for now. They will be up-potted into Dr Earth Pot of Gold
- Soil mix will be 70% soil/30% rinsed perlite
- Pots will be scaled up as needed to approx 7 gallon smart pot
- Sunlit during the day, under 64 watt T8 plus CFLs at night
- Air cooled, like literally air cooled.
- Temps determined by mother nature with the help of heat from the lights at night. Shed is unheated.
- Pests are many and various and will be handled organically with neem, spinosad, BT, and diatomaceous earth
- Watered as needed
- Nutes:
Cal/Mag +
Fox Farm Big Bloom
Fox Farm Grow Big 6-4-4
Fox Farm Tiger Bloom 2-8-4
Fox Farm Open Sesame 5-45-19
Great White mycorrhizae

I use pH Down because my tap water runs pretty alkaline (around 7.6 pH) and when left standing it rises to 8.4. I'm shooting for the 6.0-6.4 pH range.

For the record, my tap water is ~100PPM and is purified with chloramine, which doesn't evaporate. Even so, I let my water stand out for at least 24 hour before I use it. No idea why.

Next post...PICS (and the first night of cloning story...)!
In 3, 2,


Last night I went to my friend the uninformed-indoor-grower's house after work and he pulled his plants out to take clones from. I took 2 AK-47 fem and 1 Gold Leaf fem. He said this is how he had done his clones and got 9 of 10 to grow, so I did it the same way. He cut the branches and I stripped off the lower leaves, cut the tips across, sliced the bottom at a sharp angle, and stuck them in wet potting soil. Unfortunately he had already decided to flip them so the AK-47s have pistils. I had to identify them for him as he had no idea which plant was which strain. The sativa vs indica leaves seemed to be a dead giveaway but he doesn't do any research.

Anyway, to start, I put them in the shed with the lights that my autos are under.

All the plants:





In a panic, I posted HELP on my auto journal because I had no idea if this was a good idea! Four fellow growers jumped in and offered great advice...
Welcome aboard Flubbed and Penny! Hope it's a great show...

The first advice was to soak the stems in water, dip them in honey, and replant them back in the soil. Then spray them with some cal/mag and get them into something that keeps in the moisture. I also cut more off the leaf tips...



But then 420dabbing said 24/0 would be better for them because I need to get them back into veg, and since the lights in the shed go off at 5am I had to move them onto the desk in the office so I could put the desk lamp on them all night...


And that's where they spent the night!
When I woke up this morning, I realized that my neighbor had borrowed a plastic tub that my daughter didn't need in her dorm, so I wrangled it back. I replaced the bulb in the desk lamp with a 23 watt (100 watt equivalent) 6500K and moved it over the box and hope that it's enough light to satisfy both the "don't let them do photosynthesis" camp and the "they need light to reveg" camp.

I sprayed them down with the cal/mag water and this is where they will be spending the day today:




There still seems to be some conflict among my support group (420d, Themaddabber, Derbybud, Blazin Waffle, and DeVille) about how much light they should be getting and for how long.

And that's where it stands now. Phewf that was a whirlwind! Things should be pretty boring here while I wait for roots, but I'm sure I'll come up with something!

All eyeballs welcome!

Nice one. Might want to think about a few breather holes in the box and they don't need much light at that stage. They working on rooting. I do everything on an 18/6 bit up to you. 24 or 20 is sweet too.

Not gonna punch holes but I can prop open the top a bit! That and raise the light are on the list of things to do when I get home. Just need enough light so they know the are definitely not in flower anymore!
Sound stood bro. We're the stems cut at a 45 degree. That helps because it gives more surface area for roots to come out of. I think that's the only reason. Could be wrong. I've never heard of using honey. Aloe and kelp is a great root agent.

45º give or take. 420dabbing recommended honey since I didn't have any rooting hormone handy. I didn't scrape the sides of the stem though so that may make the process take longer. Any day they aren't dead when I get home or wake up is a step forward for me!

Subbed in

Thanks for jumping in! Glad to have ya.
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