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Mateo's Great White Shark Clones


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Then just give em a fresh cut, if no roots are showing

And love those wenches ta death ..lol
Here they are. When I pulled them out of the root riot there were no signs of rooting whatsoever. So I picked up some Technaflora Rootech. Should I cut them again and dip them in the rooting gel or just leave the old stems, I dipped them in the gel, jist not sure if it'll do anything. I also bought some Great White for when they are transplanted and was given a sample bottle of Fish Shit lol, definitely doesn't smell good.


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I ended up recutting the clones guys, I'm not sure how much success I'll have but it's worth a shot. I cut them all, dipped them in the rooting gel, sprayed them and the dome and I'm leaving it closed for now. This picture is after one night
Good luck bud, sometimes that's all you need. I'm not a clone guy, but there are many great seeds I can't wait to pop.
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