1. Tray


    Rolling tray
  2. H

    Grow tray alternatives & options

    Typical grow trays/flood basins like those made by Botanicare are obviously designed for ebb and flow systems. I have been using 2 4x4' Botanicare trays for a few years and want to expand, but they are expensive and shipping is ridiculous. I'm not growing in a pure hydroponic fashion (coir in...
  3. GrnRm

    Abandoned OG Ghost Train Haze & Strawberry Amnesia - T5 Veg - 2000W Flower - SIP Hybrid System

    Took cuttings 7 days ago now, (6 OGGTH and 6 SA), so they are still in the propagation tray. I use regular old Jiffy Peat Pellets, and EZ-Clone rooting compound. All water is filtered through a Chlorine + Sediment filter with a UV Sterilizer, and no nutes are added while rooting. The tray was...
  4. philthegeek

    DIY Autopot Smartvalve setup

    So, doing a rearrangement of the tent to take some clones to flower before i do my next grow from seed. I had a watering system set up that gravity fed via a ball valve tap timer onto watering (felt) mat in trays. Bottom up watering into the pots. Worked ok, but had to get the timer set...
  5. H

    Need tray for drainage to put under Smart Pots

    Hello, I'm using 18" diameter - 15gallon smart pots. I went ahead and bought 20" circular trays below it to catch the water but found out I will need 22 if not 24 or larger especially since 2 of my 6 plants will be going into a 20 gallon smart pot. Would anyone know an inexpensive tray...
  6. T

    Cookies Rolling Tray Review

    Hey I have a channel and made a review on the cookies rolling tray :)
  7. S

    First time questions

    Hello everyone, i'm attempting my first grow. From what I'm reading, I'm starting to realize its a pretty large sized grow. All i have is google and common sense while designing and starting this room so any help would be amazing! Grow Space 20x20x16 9 Gavita 1000 DE Great...
  8. T

    Pest problem

    Can anyone tell me what these are I found them In my watering tray
  9. flogger11

    In a Drip system how shallow can the plant portion be? How about the Res size?

    In a small grow with say four or five, 3-3 1/2 foot plants how deep does the main plant tray need to be? Six inches or so? Eight? I know in an Ebb and Flow a person uses a very shallow tray, is this the same for a top feed drip? How much would the res have to hold on a small personal grow...
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