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  1. Petemitchell2

    Newbie! First grow - Am I ready to harvest?

    I have fruity pebble‘s, purple haze and Chernobyl. They are in Ocean Forest, using Fox Farm full nutrients and following their schedule. They are under 3000 W of LED full spectrum. They are from clones. The pistols are all turning brown and orange, they have thick heavy sticky buds and are...
  2. S

    Why won't this finish? 14 weeks of flower

    Heavyweight seeds dream machine under "600" watts of led, 14 weeks since 12/12, 11 weeks since first flower, 1 week into flush, I'm now thinking she might need to go longer. Am I right in thinking some of the trichomes look amber but most of the pistils still look white and she hasn't...
  3. S

    11 weeks from 12/12 switch - Still loads of white hairs

    Hi, This is my first grow. Growing with coco perlite mix and using dutch pro nutrients. I switched to 12/12 11 weeks ago, The first sign of flowers was about 2 weeks after that. I still have a serious amount of white hairs. Is that normal? I have attached a photo of as good as I can get of...
  4. R

    When to crop with pictures

    Hi there people. Wondered if u folks out there could look at my plant pics and tell me if you think its ready to crop. I have been flowering for nearly eight weeks now and some of the stigmas look a little frazzled(brown). I think these pictures should provide a bit of zoom to look at the...
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