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  1. Image_2020-07-21 20_31_36_466.JPG

    Image_2020-07-21 20_31_36_466.JPG

    auto flower i grew heres a shot of the tricomes growing in late flower
  2. BeforeHarvest.jpg


    Just before the harvest. Lots of tricomes
  3. Shadowspawne

    The Beautiful World of Trichomes!

    Here are some really interesting (if just for me) pics of my trichomes. I am fascinated how these little buggers act on us as they do. Not just the psychoactive effects, but the long list of possitive medical uses. Here are a few of the pics of what we are all looking to grow, cultivate and...
  4. F

    Should I start flushing?

    It's my first grow and even with the microscope I am still unclear with the tricomes.
  5. 1ofaKind

    Lots of amber tricomes but small buds and only 6 weeks in flower

    Hello, Looking for some help here. Burmese Kush. Soil grow. Sprouted Nov.1. LED lights. Flowers present since December 9 Buds are still smaller. Calyxes seem small. Only half the hairs on the buds have changed to orange on one plant. On the other 2, almost all...
  6. M

    Trichomes vs THC

    I'm wondering how TCH in any given plant is measured. That is to say, what is it that gives one plant a higher TCH content that another? If you have two different strains of marijuana growing side by side and both have equal, or close to, tricomes on the flowers, how is it that one plant may...
  7. S

    When will i see cloudy and amber trichomes?

    hi guys im on day 55 flowering Northern lights and Afgan kush - both 100% indica and on the box it says 45-55 days flowering. some of the buds looks absolutly ready... I can seem to get good and clear close up pics, but believe me they are filled with crystals and orange hairs. I also...
  8. C

    Help needed when to chop

    Hi all pls help, please take a look at my pic and could you please tell me how much longer before I chop it? ill give some facts spouted out if soil around 21/22 jan flowered a couple off weeks after it's now 5th April still I'm clueless on chopping it's still has good green leafs plenty of...
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