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Hi all pls help, please take a look at my pic and could you please tell me how much longer before I chop it?
ill give some facts spouted out if soil around 21/22 jan flowered a couple off weeks after it's now 5th April still I'm clueless on chopping it's still has good green leafs plenty of hairs brown and white starting to be sucked back in from top down tricomes are small but clear and cloudy some milky,and some I mean some just! Amber ones. Buds are fat and still putting on weight but the change only I see is one or two of the leafs turning up from points. Please any help will be greatly be appreciated. Been flushing now since last week 2ice done still will do one more today.

Also nuites used coco a+b. I know it should be any day now could I push it a week or two more? I was told to watch the plant it will give you the right time. Oh ya so when will that be..lol if any friend on here can give me a hint on the direction to take from here?.
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