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  1. 231Grower303

    Michigan Grower: Follow My Journey!

    Hey, fellow growers! New to this site but over the last 8 years have been a grower as a caregiver, personal use, and as a commercial head grower in CO. Haven't had my own personal grow in a while, and wanted to share it with the 420 community. Currently running just a small grow, and will be...
  2. 231Grower303

    GSC Tri-cotyledon: Any New Info?

    Recently had a GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) seedling produce a tri-cotyledon. Have seen a lot of mixed reviews as to what this might mean. Heard it can be a good thing, and could produce higher yields, THC, etc. But, have also heard the mutation could be bad and cause hermies. Hoping it's good luck...
  3. 2018 tricot.jpg

    2018 tricot.jpg

  4. B

    Siamese conjoined twins?

    Hello 420 community. New to the online growing gangs. Am a trained agronomist and Bioengineer so now appreciate the science behind plants. Also been a life-long MJ disciple :-) Anyway I started my 1st indoor grow tent set up and the BlueDream Auto from THSeeds is 3-4 weeks old and baffling...
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