1. K

    Growing legally outside

    I am planning on a half dozen plants in my vegetable garden this summer. Watering will be fine as the tomatoes are always plump, but can anyone tell me about soil differentials? Will marijuana grow with my miracle grow vegetables?
  2. T


    Hello, Would like to ask if you can turn co2 dabber oil into vape oil by soaking and warming it in vegetable G. Thanks Just trying to make my vape oil stronger
  3. ilikebike

    Am I making this tincture right?!

    making THC tincture using a heated vegetable glycerin method for my first time, im not using a double boil, just a rice cooker on the "warm setting". I have a thermometer in the mixture right now its staying steady at 162*F 1)Blended all weed, stems, hash into fine powder. (Used 17.5g of The...
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