Am I making this tincture right?!


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making THC tincture using a heated vegetable glycerin method for my first time, im not using a double boil, just a rice cooker on the "warm setting". I have a thermometer in the mixture right now its staying steady at 162*F

1)Blended all weed, stems, hash into fine powder. (Used 17.5g of The dried nug, 3.5g of outdoor nug, 1g of iso hash.)
2)Spread weed out on pyrex dish and put in oven for 15 min. at 170*F
3)Pour 14 Fl.Oz of Glycerin into rice cooker
4) Add Decarb'd weed, cinnamon stick, pure ground cinnamon, pure maple syrup, sugar, caramel, vanilla extract, and a few drops of green food dye just for color.
5)Stir ingredients and turn rice cooker on to warm setting
6)Stick in thermometer to check temp, right about 160*F which i think is where i want it.
Fascinating! Please, let us know how this results.. ive never worked with glycerol/glycol etc with cannabis... Yet.

How long do you intend to cook it? ..btw... There is somewhere online with a chart for decarboxylation... And i think it said to heat it to 220.
Ive done a hot extraction with alcohol once... Makes me nervous though, i stick to cold extracting now.

Once i get pound plants ill join you in pursuing other shtuff... Very cool buddy, lots of nice tastey stuff!
Id like to infuse with basil... But i like that cannabis taste, so it could be its own tincture maybe.
That sounds ok to me, I tend to use lower temp but that's just personal, I don't like working with anything too hot.
At 220, you start vaporizing some of the active compounds. I think the rice cooker is plenty. No need to decarb it first if you are going to cook it in the rice cooker.
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