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:welcome: I'm THsea, a legal medical cannabis patient of the Hawaiian Islands. This is not my first rodeo, but its my second grow journal/ thread. If you followed my last grow... It wasn't all that successful! :) But a lot of learning happened for this here farmer, worth its weight in buds! This time I'll be fixin' to get over an ounce per plant... So lets get to how I'mma do that.

What strain is it? Six plants we will be focusing on...
Blue Cheese, from Barney's Farm
Cheese, from Big Buddha Seeds
Cheese, from Dinafem
Confidential Cheese (aka LA Cheese), from Reserva Privada
Exodus Cheese (x2!!!), from Green House Seeds

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Well.. They are all hybrids... Exodus being the parent "Cheese", its made from Skunk #1 which is a Afghan x Mexican x Colombian... The regular named "Cheese" plants are the Exodus crossed with Afghans... So is the Confidential, but the Afghan it was bred with was LA Confidential. The Blue Cheese is the Big Buddha's "Cheese" crossed with a DJ Short Blueberry.

Is it in Veg or Flower stage? All of them just cracked open and are in the tent vegging! :high-five:

in Veg... For how long? Well... Until they get to a certain size. I'll be doing FIM's twice on the plants, moving them into their flowering pots... Then they will go out. I'm hoping they will all be flowering before the new year.

in Flower stage... For how long? Most of these plants are your average 50-70 day-ish sort of deal. Much quicker than our next grow (if I don't change the order of my plans)... If you want to know what I look for to harvest, well... I look for amber to start, but not for it to be the majority. I try to take the flower into account also, not just the trichomes.

Indoor or outdoor? ... Can't I have a little of both? ;)

Soil or Hydro? Y'all know me... I'm just a kid playin' in dirt!

If soil... what is in your mix? Using Black Gold Organic... :)

If soil... What size pot? We're vegging in one gallon Smart Pots.. They will be moving into 5 gallon Smart Pots to flower.

Size of light? Using a 90 watt UFO, maybe 2x of 2x splitter for CLF's (13watt)... And 'da sun.

Is it aircooled? Sometimes I turn the fan on the move the air. It stays pretty cool though naturally.

Temp of Room/cab? I don't know, probably in the low to mid 80's most of the time

RH of Room/cab? Also fine, stays around 50-60%.

PH of media or res? I have faith in my soil :)

Any Pests ? Nope, got rid of them before I started these 'gals! (I think I had root aphids from a bad bag of soil called Menehune Magic).

How often are you watering? I water every other day, if they need it ( thats how it normally is)...

Type and strength of ferts used? Well... After their first week I'll be adding Osmocote +... That will be my main nutrient added to the soil... Beyond that... I have been told my tap water (because of where I live, which is near the pump station) has so low PPM that I could run hydroponics without filtering.. :thumb: And it should have enough calcium that I shouldnt have to supplement...

With my watering's I'll be using tap water from now on, two tablespoons/gallon of unsulphured Molasses,and one tablespoon/gallon Kelp Extract... Every other watering a drop of SuperThrive... And hopefully that will be it! I'll have both Epsom Salts and I'll be getting a Cal+Mag product (just in case the tap-calcium isn't enough!)...

There will be no cuttings this grow... If you see the flowering cutting that I took and am trying to reveg of my SSSDH plant...Thats what that is. Its not a cheese plant :).

Still have to pot the Blue Cheese and the second Exodus Cheese. If I cannot get the pictures up tonight, I'll get them up after I work tomorrow... Thanks for visiting! :thanks: Feel free to ask questions. Peace!
He man this is going to be real cheesy grow. I hope! :) :popcorn::nomo:
He man this is going to be real cheesy grow. I hope! :) :popcorn::nomo:

Yea, OMM and I have been joking about how outrageous the smell in flower will be with all cheese varieties..

If my neighbors weren't aware of me growing... They will probably catch a whiff during flower :)
Cool! Those sure sound sweet! Do you folks have any native strains? You should grow some exotic male and cross it with all your cheese!! Woohoo!!! :cheesygrinsmiley: I will try to stick with this one, I really suck keeping up, but I will try

Good luck!
you know... I'm going to be getting into breeding in my next grows... This is to stock up on meds Mr. Buckshot...

Thanks Delocated420, Buckshot, and OMM... Nice to have you all here! :high-five:
Sorry I haven't posted pictures! I'll try to do it before I goto work today... I do have a few things to do (taking care of that crazy little Afghan)... But we will see how the upload thang is now... ;) OMM!! lol...

Man, got ahold of some Cush (you know GFB if you follow my buddy Jandre!)... Nice stuff, I definitely like it better than the Super Lemon Diesel which comprised the rest of the buds... I hate picking up buds. I mean, my friends are nice... But, I'd rather my own :)

So... No Blue Cheese! the seed cracked... But was very runt-ish and wasn't kickin'... So guess what?! We're germing a 2046! takes about 120 days of flower... But its pure haze goodness... :)^3

If you ask OMM about sativa... For him its all about southeast asia.. Even over his precious Colombian!
For me? Local, Plumeria is king... But Haze is a close second.

Actually, I've been reading into shtuff a bit more.. I think Plumeria prolly has Mexican or Guatemalan influences.. :scratchinghead: or at least thats what I intend to work with in my re-creation :).. honestly, I don't care if it took 30 weeks, that stuff is worth it... Flowery and smooth.
That's cool THsea ... meds come first! Looking forward to some pics
Hi Buddy! :love:

Nothing wrong with SE Asia. Must have been those Thai Sticks while I was there.

Sorry about the lost cheese seed that didn't pop. I hope you find a good Plumeria someday.

No pics. I was hoping you could teach me the new way of posting pictures. Bummer.

Still eating your cookies....delightful....if your out...I have a few left. :peace:

I see there is much interest in the 2046. I hope she makes you pround some time next year. :bravo:
That's cool THsea ... meds come first! Looking forward to some pics
Yea buddy! I just uploaded them... Worked well, just couldn't get to it before going to work :)

wow man ive never seen a 2046 plant before this willbe fun, good luck man thats a loooong flowering time lol
You know it! I've never seen one either... Honestly, OMM's done Haze Hybrids, with a little shorter flower time (still great ones, Super Silver, and Super Lemon).. But this will be our first full haze, as far as I know....

Hey OMM, is Wild Thai the longest flowering plant you've done?... Or was it that plant you forgot and was nearly all amber? ;) Good times...

Jumping along for this cheesy ride! Nice Strains.. very interested in 2046 aswell. ;)
Welcome aboard! Yea, I'm certainly more fond of this grow idea now that I'm doing it... And that the 2046 is involved! :)

Hi Buddy! :love:

Nothing wrong with SE Asia. Must have been those Thai Sticks while I was there.

Sorry about the lost cheese seed that didn't pop. I hope you find a good Plumeria someday.

No pics. I was hoping you could teach me the new way of posting pictures. Bummer.

Still eating your cookies....delightful....if your out...I have a few left. :peace:

I see there is much interest in the 2046. I hope she makes you pound some time next year. :bravo:

Glad you liked the cookies! :) I've been saving leftover vaped bud... Gonna try to make some butter with it. I don't really expect it to get me high, but if it keeps me feeling well... Good enough! At least for the day ;)

Since we talked on the phone... Well, I was smoking bowl #2 while we talked.. Finished a 3rd before uploading the pictures (which... was a little different, but pretty easy actually)... I think I'll sleep pretty well tonight. There will likely be a 4th... Might not finish that one though. The Cush is really sweet, I like the taste. Good stone to it... Anything that gives me a little munchies is great in my book.

The diesel... I can do without. If the SSSDH I'm running ends up a diesel pheno... I'll throw the cutting away. NOT a fan of most diesel over here.

Anywho.. Picture in next post.
The Cheese girls!

in their light

And a close up of.. Idk, I think this is one of the Exodus Cheese

Sorry the pic's are... So-so. Gotta change batteries in my camera, this was done with an iPad... But the lighting was bad too.
Good morning! I realized that I only put the daytime temperatures... During the night it's like.. Mid to low 60's....heck, my phone says its only 69* outside right now...not cloudy though, it should warm up a bit more.

Looks like there are a few mites on my SSSDH that's flowering now... Sucks.. Hopefully bees or spiders will get them for me.
It prolly won't yield more than a half zip... But that's cool. Hopefully it's like the batch I've tried before... On the Hazey side.. Smells like its heading there!

I'll prolly FIM the Afghan next week... She's getting there. Gonna check the 2046 after I finish online.. Already looked in on the cheese girls.. All five just as they were last night.. Man, I hope they kick into high gear soon!
SuperSilverSourDeiselHaze? please clue us main landers in. lol:hmmmm:
SuperSilverSourDeiselHaze? please clue us main landers in. lol:hmmmm:

Actually... I believe it is a child of either the west coast of the mainland... Or more likely, a Dutch baby... As most seeds tend to be.

It certainly is not a Hawaiian strain... The SSSDH is a cross of Super Silver Haze ( a greenhouse seed company strain) and Sour Diesel ( from reservoir seeds) ... The seed I have of SSSDH come from a company called Connoisseur Seeds... Seems good so far.. I'll keep you all posted, but I probably won't show pictures until the finished product... Same goes with my Afghan Kush, this journal is for my Cheese plants.

I guess the 2046 will be pictured during growth... Since its Blue Cheese's stand in... Though I may take a cutting of it, unlike the Cheese plants.. It's haze.. Even at 120 days of flower, if it helps my health.. I can be patient.

Anywho... Have a good night 420 people... I'm gonna go hit my bong... Picked up some Purple Urkle today.. Not as good as GDP.. But it's alright. Honestly, most of what I've grown has worked amazingly... Except the NL Blue.. Aloha :)
So... After having a smoke, looking at my babies... I thought about what I'd be doing to them und why.. :hmmmm:.. Mainly, trying to keep the Main thing thats on my brain outta there... I thought... Should I wallow in Mazar'i? or should I be a productive member of the community? I talked to OMM, and he has helped get me set straight :thanks:

I'll be doing a better job of recording things that I do growing... and explaining why.. I'll post in between, but next pictures will be Sunday evening. That is when I'll be filling in soil for the Cheese plants, which will be mixed with OC+... I've recently picked up some Kelp shtuff.. So I've got that officially. I'll be using the Kelp and Molasses 2 tablespoons every other feeding.. The alternate will be one tablespoon of each... Seed to harvest.. From seed to about when they goto 12/12 I'll be using the Superthrive every other feeding.

Now, this filling in of soil business... I'll be training the plants to bury more stem, I like having the lights high at first (seedling phase) to get some stretch.. Which I intend to bury in this fill in.. More roots. I don't know if this would be considered stressing/ excessive potting... Whatever, its one of the reasons that I like the Smart Pots over the Air Pots... Mind you, I love my Air Pots, and they are giving my very nice tomato and basil plants at the moment... Anywho..

Germination.. I didn't say how I manage that in this journal... I put a seed in water for a few minutes or so, then into a small cut portion of folded-over paper-towel.. Wet of course, and then in a snack sized zip-lock bag... That goes in a drawer for a few days..

I believe every seed that cracked (very high germination rate doing this, btw..) that I have lost.. Was due to planting to early, before the tap had gotten to half an inch.. Its better to know with more certainty where the little bugger is going. :)

Thats all I can think of to catch you up on where I'm at... I feel confident in this grow, learning by helping in grows is one thing... Or reading on the net.. But really growing, learning your conditions (or creating them!)... Nothing is like it. Hell, I just learned that my water is outrageously clean (tap yo!)... The more you know, I've been wasting my money filtering.. And taking precious calcium OUT of my water!

Oh.. And CHH (if you ever make your bad self in here), I'm gonna switch the growing plans around... Already told OMM, instead of Colombian after this, I'll be rolling Mazar... You two kind of convinced me, without knowing it ;).. indica..... LOL..

Peace out y'all
Hey guys.. Just updating before bed.. The cheese plants are all fine.. Interns of most vigorous to runtish it follows.. LA Cheese, Cheese (dinafem ), BB Cheese, and the two Exodus are the smallest.. All started at the same time. 2046 looks healthy as hell. It was started later ( when blue cheese failed).

The SSSDH seemed to have some bugs on it or something... It did come from the outdoors... So I put it outside so it won't effect anything else... Until I can clear it of evils..

Like I said, the cheese seem unaffected.. Time will tell, but expect pictures of my little plant abuse tomorrow evening. Goodnite 420 people!
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