Gittergreens Perpetual Indoor Grow

Hey guys n gals I am starting a new journal I have expanded my grow area by a little and will be purchasing some equipment soon.

strain- unknown for now planning on doing two blooms with these girls if everything goes well.will be getting some purple , and white strains and maybe some sour diesel or ak's.

medium- soil happy frog with no amendments in 1 gallon planters

nutes- fox farm trio
well water with filter for sediment and chlorene it phs at 7 right out of the tap
lights- for now two 400 watt mh air cooled will be purchasing a 1000 watt hps

fans- 4 inch 160cfm exaughst fan and a personnal desk fan through the floor
will be up grading to a better intake later. also will be getting a quality carbon filter. whats the best one to get for the money?

temps are steady at 73f and rh at 31% with the humidifier on and in the mid twentys when off.

bugs- none yet

defs- a little bit of a mag def but have took action by adding two table spoons per gallon of epsom salts.

clones have been in veg under the 400mh for three weeks. Not sure when to switch over to 12/12 just going to play by ear.

bloom room is 4.5 x 7.5x7.5 there are 15 clones in 1 gallon containers and three in 2 liter bottles just as an exsperiment.

veg room will be in a 4x5x7.5 aprox

clone chamber is a 3x4 inclosed area with do it yourself in and out fans. desk fan,and pc fan.

not sure of drying area but I need to get there first lol.

I cant think of any more info at this time but here are a few pics of the plants and will be taking more pics of the growing areas this week.:peace:
this is the mother plant, I just transplanted her today she was root bound really bad she was in a3 gallon container and is in a 10 gallon now. I am going to take 1 more set of clones from her and then just BLOOM HER OUTDOORS UNDER THE SPRING 12/12 light.


this pic was from two days ago and I will be taking more pics tomorrow!
Subbed! Front row center... SHould be a good grow.

Great pics and a HUGE mother!

Good job !:welldone:
Subbed! Front row center... SHould be a good grow.

Great pics and a HUGE mother!

Good job !:welldone:

so glad to have you here 1970! dont be talkin bout my mama! hah hah lol!:thanks:
I'm in and will drop by from time to time if that's OK?
:welldone: Nice Plants!!

Glad to have you wingman! I was out fishing the other week and saw a man hunting with a red tailed hawk it was amazing. I at first I thought he was talking to his dog and then his pal swooped down and grabbed an unsuspecting squirrel so cool. I had no idea you could build that degree of a relationship with a hawk too cool!
Here are some pics of my mother/cloning chamber.
Thinking of changing my profile poicture to this what do you guys think?
just testing my new signature!
That is an awesome litho. Do you know who created it?

Yes it is pretty cool it belong to one of my friends, this is just a seen that I like in it. I remember seeing an artist name on it. I will try and remember to find out who it was for yah next time Im
Ok, GG, I got my throne in place...Def in for this and damn look at your Mama, she got it going on...*cat calls and whistles*
All right you found me. I just couldnt find that guy for my signature lol. 420 girl hooked me up again! My momma was actually pretty sick lately she was root bound
and had to be transplanted into a 10 gallon container. shes starting to perk up though I just wish she would stop droppin leaves on her lower branches but its hard to get enough light down there.
Yea i agree with all them, mother plants a beast lol, subbed. Good luck its lookin good so far

Welcome two my journal chief! not bad for cfl veg huh! :high-five:
Welcome two my journal chief! not bad for cfl veg huh! :high-five:

Looking great for cfl vegging.i know a few people who only veg with cfl's because how easily you can angle them and move them around to get ultimate light penetration.

Theres an old school member on this site who i dont believe is active anymore but his name is tulip and he got huge harvests and im talking pounds and he used cfls all the way through bloom! Ill post a link so u can skim sometime u have time. His journal is something i look at all the time for tips
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