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  • Thanks 70s G. the Tangerine was nice, took her time to flower but really orangy hazy taste and smell, not too strong either, need to do a better job of her next time. thanks for reps mate
    I was just browsing through and saw no post from me, thought for sure I had sent thanks your way for the +reps but guess not.
    Well thank you for the reps way back when!!!
    Thank you very much for the rep! He asked, and I had to lay it all out on the line, from my point of view. I'm glad you got some good info from it as well. Rawk on!
    Wow buddy you're handing out reps like candy! Thank you once again brother, I hope all is well with you!
    Thanks for the Rep man ! I just have a blast watching them grow up and taking pics, it's like children

    I appreciate your kindness,
    Welcome to the community! Look around the place, you'll find lots of us from the 70's. Best wishes on a fantastic grow. Make sure to stop by and Introduce Yourself.
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