1. Grower2020

    Hey guys how do my autos look for 16 days?

    Do these look on track for normal sized plants? 6x6 grow + sea of green . No scrog just super cropping for added strength
  2. SmokeyTheGrower

    Cannabis seedlings stopped growing!

    Hello guys! I have 5 different strains, 2 of them are autos and they are looking too small for 2 weeks old but they are vibrant and looking healthy.The second sets of true leaves are just not growing out. Should i worry about them being really small?
  3. Transplanted seedlings

    Transplanted seedlings

    Upcamned seedlings to pots.
  4. meejay

    Germination Speed: What does it say?

    Hello everyone, Suppose you have germinated three different seeds from a seed-bag; one of the seeds germinate very fast and it is ready to be planted in 3 days second seed germinate moderately fast and it is ready to be planted in in 7 days third seed germinates in 14 days but still cannot...
  5. CBDdude

    Anti-Anxiety Med: Gorilla CBD

    Hey guys, First post, first jorunal, first real grow! I have been using CBD strains for awhile to help with anxiety, but as we all know it can be expensive! I have got 4 Gorilla CBD that I will be growing. I am thinking of keeping one as a mother for cuttings and flower three. Setup: Veg...
  6. Pearcey's Plants

    Gods Green Crack Perp Grow

    Hey guys started some gods green crack seeds the other week to make my first attempt at a Sea of Green perpetual grow. I currently have Dancehall and Roadrunner in the flower tent and Dancehall in the veg tent with GCC. Variety: Sativa/Indica Hybrid - 50% Plant Stage: Vegetation, Week 2...
  7. Princess94

    My First Grow Ever: Closet Tent Grow

    I will like to know what do you guys think? My first grow. I’m using fox farm trio with cal mag. I will be using different nutrients in flowering stage. I’ll go with bud candy, big bud, molases & flawless finish. I think I will also continue with fox farm trio or is there’s anything else I...
  8. L

    220W Neon Lights For Vegetation

    Hello, Im not sure where to post this so if this is wrong board then tell me. But I was thinking of buying vegetation space for my plants with 60x60x90cm stats and I was wondering if I can use 220W Neon lights to vegetate them till the very end before I switch off to flowering? I plan on...
  9. S

    First Time Grow

    I have no idea how to add photos! lets start with that little piece of Q&A. lol I need some general guidance. Wanted to try this. My setup is not scientific by any stretch. But, she seems to be doing ok. The medium is nothing special. It's a mix of sandy loam with leaf mulch. Nothing extra...
  10. S

    First Time Grow

    I have no idea how to add photos! lets start with that little piece of Q&A. lol
  11. B

    Are they in flowering already?

    Hi everyone, I am a first time grower. I am growing 4 ladies in my balcony closed with sliding windows so I can adjust the air circulation by sliding the windows as needed. In the region I live sunrise is at 5:45 a.m. and sunset is 8:30 p.m. I planted them at the end of April and my plants...
  12. B

    What is the average for White Widow auto flower vegetation?

    Taking a look at my aero garden's calendar, my white widow auto flower has been chugging along for about 18 days now and I was wondering if anyone knew what the average time. Is for this particular variety for its vegetation? I got the seeds from sponsor AMS (Amsterdam marijuana seeds) and I've...
  13. S

    When should I go 12/12?

    Greetings yall... :Namaste: So its like this. I have a limited grow space, its a growbox i made for only one plant (micro grow) and i was wondering when to go 12/12. My plant is right now about 6 inches tall, and it has been 1 month since it sprouted. I am very impatient and its because i've...
  14. M

    First Time Growing Ideas

    Hello, first time growing. Im looking for suggestions and personal experiences regarding the most efficient way to grow me some buds. I've heard of different ways that all have great yields. Should i take the Veg for 8 weeks then flower route or perhaps veg for 2 day then straight to...
  15. N

    600w HPS Soil Journal + 70w HPS

    Hello everybody, :circle-of-love: My journal shows 2 cabinets - 1 for vegetation and one for bloom.Second one is with 600w hps (101 000lmn) +2 bath vents and plastic buckets with soil.The vegetation room have 70 w hps (7100lmn) and it is with 1 bath vent .Each vent is 25w. Soil mix - 25%perlite...
  16. J

    First time grower - need help - video

    How to Grow Mary J: Vegetation Stage - YouTube First Time Grower Indica Og Kush 14 plants flowering - 5 days closet grow 2'x6'x5 soil - miracle grow potting mix (too late) 8" pots 2 - 400W HPS two fans, but not really air cooled, leaving closet cracked since i added two hps...
  17. B

    Boyt's First Closet Grow

    Hey everyone this is my first time doing a grow journal or growing anything for that matter so easy on the criticism. I wanted to keep this first grow as cheap as possible just to get the hang of things before I really invest some money into this so my setup is pretty sub par and the room is...
  18. E

    passing the virtual peace pipe!

    ;):smokin2::grinjoint:RoorRip:smokin::bong: Just wanted to thank all, especially the dro crowd, for all your help! :rollit
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