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  1. Finished Vermicompost

    Finished Vermicompost

    Finished Organic Vermicompost after 3 months using red wriggler and organic inputs (composted soil, seaweed, worm casting, etc)
  2. VC.jpg


    Blew Hiller Greenhouse Grow
  3. VC.jpg


    Blew Hiller Greenhouse Grow
  4. 20180502_174115 - Copy.jpg

    20180502_174115 - Copy.jpg

    Screened Vermi-compost closeup
  5. 20180502_174110 - Copy.jpg

    20180502_174110 - Copy.jpg

    Screened Vermi-compost
  6. 20180502_173338.jpg


    Vermi-compost bin
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  8. VC seaweed.jpg

    VC seaweed.jpg

    VC and seaweed
  9. VC shovel.jpg

    VC shovel.jpg

    Blew Hiller Spring Crop-April 17
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    Vermicompost and manure powder

    Hey guys, Thanks for reading, Now I know Vermi and Manure contain good amounts of NPK, but do they also contain ALL micronutrients which are vital for plant growth? I live in India, and I don't get all the fancy juices everybody seems to be talking about.. So I'm interested in using...