violator kush

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    Violator Kush 7gallon
  2. Breyan

    3 weeks left on Violator Kush: 4 plants 4 feet tall

    Coming to the end of my first grow. Wanted to share.
  3. N

    What deficiency would you say this is? pictures included..

    its a barneys farms violator kush plant the ph is usually between 5.6 5.7-6.1 6.2 the nutes were at about 900 till today when i saw the leaves like this and i put water into the res to make nute to about 790. the plants about 6 inches tall and about 3 1/2 weeks old
  4. Twelve12

    Tangerine Dream - Violator Kush - Red Dragon & Super Lemon Haze

    Hi guys. Going back in with another grow. This time I got 3 new strains throwing it in with the Super Lemon Haze clones. I just finished the SLH and moving on to adopting new strains. This time I got; Tangerine Dream, Violator Kush and Red Dragon. Closet grow under 600w MH/HPS, SOG method...
  5. N

    2 600's, Ebb & Gro, WW_Violator Kush_PPP

    Thanks for looking in! This will be my first serious attempt at growing. I don't know anyone in real life that grows so I'm pretty much trying to learn from books and the internet. I'm sure I'll make my share of mistakes and I hope you guys will chime in if you can offer any advice or...
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