1. Weedkeiser

    Multiple Strains In DWC

    High all. First post. About 15 years ago me and my roommate tried to grow some Super Lemon Haze in our small apartment's sauna. I had a small veg CFL cabinet in my bedroom and the flowering was done in the sauna with a 400w HPS with no ventilation or carbon scrubber, just a table fan. We had...
  2. I

    First grow help

    The plant came off the top at June 10 the strain is auto super hash but it’s not doing so well at first ph was raining every day and I thought the lights may be too close so I raised them and it turned a little bit more green but the growth is really slow, I added 200 ppm of maxibloom 6 days ago .
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  5. 425jesse

    425Jesse's Winter/Spring Grow 1200w HID - Hydro - Canna/NSW - Mixed Strains

    Welcome friends and family to my next grow! I have 4 grows under my belt at this point, and have had a decent success rate. First grow was great, rookie success I'm sure. Second grow I fostered some strains with poor genetics, and it turned out poorly for a couple reasons. Third grow had all...
  6. E

    Waterfarm 8 Bucket Drip RDWC System - Need Ideas For Easier Flush Of System

    Hello all, I'm fairly new to the site so I just want to say hello and thanks for everything beforehand. Now onto the matter at hand, I'm sure most of you are familiar with the Waterfarm 8 bucket system with controller/reservoir (here is a link: WaterFarm Controller 8-Pk ). Now its a good...
  7. shovhd

    Shovhd's GH Waterfarm CropKing WW Auto Grow Journal - 2017

    I have done a couple of grows, with varying amounts of success and failure. This is my first journal. I'm kinda following the famous PE grow by Scottyballs. Here's hoping: What strain is it? CropKing White Widow Autoflowering from seed Seedling day 5. Indoor Grow Tent Hydro - GH Waterfarm...
  8. gr0w

    Hydro question

    hey guy, roommate has moved out and now I have a full room to grow. Instead the small area I currently have. I am going to be getting an 8x4 tent and upgrading basically everything I have and making my 4x2 tent a veg tent/ drying tent. I am torn between two hydroponic setups. (not looking to...
  9. Mr. Krip

    Tales From The Krip!

    Welcome to all my old friends, new friends, and soon-to-be friends to my new grow journal. :welcome: I was very active on this forum a few years ago and, while I did take quite a bit of time away from posting, I haven't stopped enjoying our favorite hobby! ;) It great to see how far some of...
  10. M

    Abandoned Cloning With My GH Waterfarm

    As some may know I'm a noobe on da site but may sa well start somewhere. So I have shown too of my babies so far well 4 but the too that we're together I will b topping the hso blue dream in bout 6-8weeks. Know I said 6 but for my process that stalk, stem, whatever sounds best has to firm up for...
  11. jcool09

    Are these male flowers on top on this bud?

    This is a shot of a Pineapple Express auto in the 5th week of flowering. Resin glands are present but have not proliferated the flowers yet so I am expecting at least 2 more weeks until she finishes. Three days ago I noticed these clusters of yellow growth at the top of several of my most...
  12. Mr. Krip

    Completed DIY Stealth Cab, Hydro, LED & Multiple Strains in Small Space - Oh Boy!

    Thanks again for all the great help & support to everyone here at :420: I'm calling this my second grow, even though if you followed my first grow at all, you'll see it was a miserable failure and I really didn't grow anything! :oops: I started off trying to grow G13 Labs Pineapple Express...
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