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  3. 425jesse

    425Jesse's Winter/Spring Grow 1200w HID - Hydro - Canna/NSW - Mixed Strains

    Welcome friends and family to my next grow! I have 4 grows under my belt at this point, and have had a decent success rate. First grow was great, rookie success I'm sure. Second grow I fostered some strains with poor genetics, and it turned out poorly for a couple reasons. Third grow had all...
  4. E

    Waterfarm 8 Bucket Drip RDWC System - Need Ideas For Easier Flush Of System

    Hello all, I'm fairly new to the site so I just want to say hello and thanks for everything beforehand. Now onto the matter at hand, I'm sure most of you are familiar with the Waterfarm 8 bucket system with controller/reservoir (here is a link: WaterFarm Controller 8-Pk ). Now its a good...
  5. shovhd

    Shovhd's GH Waterfarm CropKing WW Auto Grow Journal - 2017

    I have done a couple of grows, with varying amounts of success and failure. This is my first journal. I'm kinda following the famous PE grow by Scottyballs. Here's hoping: What strain is it? CropKing White Widow Autoflowering from seed Seedling day 5. Indoor Grow Tent Hydro - GH Waterfarm...
  6. gr0w

    Hydro question

    hey guy, roommate has moved out and now I have a full room to grow. Instead the small area I currently have. I am going to be getting an 8x4 tent and upgrading basically everything I have and making my 4x2 tent a veg tent/ drying tent. I am torn between two hydroponic setups. (not looking to...
  7. Mr. Krip

    Tales From The Krip!

    Welcome to all my old friends, new friends, and soon-to-be friends to my new grow journal. :welcome: I was very active on this forum a few years ago and, while I did take quite a bit of time away from posting, I haven't stopped enjoying our favorite hobby! ;) It great to see how far some of...
  8. M

    Cloning With My GH Waterfarm

    As some may know I'm a noobe on da site but may sa well start somewhere. So I have shown too of my babies so far well 4 but the too that we're together I will b topping the hso blue dream in bout 6-8weeks. Know I said 6 but for my process that stalk, stem, whatever sounds best has to firm up for...
  9. jcool09

    Are these male flowers on top on this bud?

    This is a shot of a Pineapple Express auto in the 5th week of flowering. Resin glands are present but have not proliferated the flowers yet so I am expecting at least 2 more weeks until she finishes. Three days ago I noticed these clusters of yellow growth at the top of several of my most...
  10. Mr. Krip

    DIY Stealth Cab, Hydro, LED & Multiple Strains in Small Space - Oh Boy!

    Thanks again for all the great help & support to everyone here at :420: I'm calling this my second grow, even though if you followed my first grow at all, you'll see it was a miserable failure and I really didn't grow anything! :oops: I started off trying to grow G13 Labs Pineapple Express...
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