watering questions

  1. OGeMann

    Nutrient deficiency

    UPDATE: no spread on the 2 or haven't seen it on the other 2. My question is should I just use PH adjusted water, or should I use this when I water them. The soil that I using is FFOF and I found out that it has enough nutrients still in it. The girls or 6 weeks from seed{White Widow auto},been...
  2. P

    Watering guide for 30 gal Geo Pots

    This is my first time growing and I am looking for help with a watering guide. My plants are in 30 gallon geo pots with E.B. Stone 420 recipe soil and coco mulch as a soil topper, I also mixed in some peat moss and coco coir into the soil. I live in Northern California and have them growing...
  3. Km021

    New grower need help

    Hey mates İm growing organicly And im always confusing bout suitable water for my plants :lot-o-toke: , my tap water comes with 220 Ppm n it’s very hard, so i have found a bottled drinking water contains cal mag in it with total mineral around 92 mg/l or ppm that the bottle label is attached...
  4. Herrowpreeze

    Help with watering please

    Hey guys, So I'm going all organic in my next grow and have picked me up some Green House bio grow and bloom this time around https://shop.greenhousefeeding.com/bio-grow-en.html?sl=en https://shop.greenhousefeeding.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view.&product_id=30...
  5. M

    Overwatering/underwatering problem?

    So I'm new to growing and I'm running into some problems and can't decide if I'm watering too much or not enough. Or maybe it's something else. I have read so much about both and have adjusted my watering both ways but still can't decide what it is. My soil ph is just below 7.0, I definitely...
  6. CanaGrow

    Watering: After lights on or before lights out

    Hello fellow growers! I must be one of the newest members here (joined a couple weeks ago) and have quietly been sitting reading and absorbing all this knowledge your writing in your journals. QUESTION IS when do you prefer to water your ladies? Shortly after you wake them up or right before...
  7. J

    Just made the switch from HPS to LED, have some questions

    i just made the switch to LED from HPS and i read somewhere that you don't need to water as much with LED. how can i tell if im over watering? i used to water twice a day because the HPS dried my plants out real bad. note: these are the same plants i used to use HPS with, but i changed to...
  8. C

    Watering Schedule Questions

    I'm starting a new Hydro system and am unsure of the watering requirements for the 3 systems I chose. I have a wall mounted NFT, a type of drip/drain, and 2 bubblers. I was going to go with 25 min every 3 hrs with everything. Is this right? :peacetwo:
  9. B

    Watering help

    This is one question me and my room mate never agree on when to water our crop? How often should my. Plants be watered? How do I know when they need water? What is the best way to water 40 plants in 5 gallon container:tokin:
  10. C

    Watering in the desert questions

    I am starting an outdoor grow op outside in the summer under a pinon tree. Ive got most of the logistics figured out but I just needed to know how much water the plants will need in the veg cycle, and flowering cycle. I'm pretty worried because I cant go to see them every day, infact I will...
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