week 4

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    End of week 4 flower: how does it look?

    How is it looking. Buds seem to be getting bigger and more dense and hairs are going orange. Does it look healthy?
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    Peyote Cookie Week 4 veg.
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    Week 4 (1).JPG

    OG Kush End of Week 4 Flowering on 3/30/18.
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    Week 4 of flower and most trichombs are already cloudy & milky - Is this normal?

    unknown bagseed of some loud.. stealth, cardboard box, micro grow, from 16oz solo cup to 44oz cup 4 23w 100w-eq.. no nutes 12/12 after 1 week of veg
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    Mike here - I'll be in week 4 of Veg tomorrow - Suggestions?

    So, I am in a closet. Running 400/600w (dimmer) MH-HPS. I have 2 clones of unknown girls. I also have 6 seeds of unknown strains. I'm started everything in SOLO cups but now am in 3 gal for the bigger clones and 1 gal for the smaller gals that started from seed. I'm in miracle grow...
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    1st Grow - Starting Journal at Week 4 of Flowering

    Hello!! Thank you for taking the time to check out what I've been up to for the past couple months. Like the title says, I am a first time grower, so please understand that my plant went through a rough vegetative state. But, alas, she has made it this far, and I would love some general...
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