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Mike here - I'll be in week 4 of Veg tomorrow - Suggestions?


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I am in a closet. Running 400/600w (dimmer) MH-HPS. I have 2 clones of unknown girls. I also have 6 seeds of unknown strains.

I'm started everything in SOLO cups but now am in 3 gal for the bigger clones and 1 gal for the smaller gals that started from seed.

I'm in miracle grow (moisture control) ...i know i know...i'm the devil. I know i didn't start with ideal conditions ...but I was in a rush to get em goin so bought things locally. So...again, Miracle grow moisture control...no nutes (since they already have a lot in that soil).

um...that space is a 6x4...but using a bit less than that now.

OKAY, so I know questions will come...but there's what I got going on currently.

Oh, and got em on 24/7 light. 400mh when they were smaller...but bumped it up to the full 600 recently

Any feedback is appreciated. (I'd mostly like assistance in figuring out when/how to go about using up/removing remaining nutes soon so I can begin givin em flower nutes and switch the lights. As of now...I'm just waiting for the little ones to reach about 8 inches and then thinking of going 12/12

So let me have it. Good/bad/whatever

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First off, welcome to the forums. Where help is available for us newer members and growers. I'm not experienced with miracle grow soils and how they act during the grow phase. I hope someone can help you with that. Have you posted in the FAQ section. Folks are always there to help if they can. Good luck

KiG :green_heart:cheers


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For the most part everything looks great. As for the nutes, you cannot do anything about it if it is in the soil. I believe if you try to flush, it will just release more nutes to the plants, and your risk nute burn or toxicities, hence why miracle grow with time released nutes is not recommended (you cannot control the release of the nutrients. Though I have seen some pictures of nice plants grown in miracle grow.) Also, that looks like tinfoil for reflection?? Tin foil is not recommended either as it can cause hot spots and burn the plants. Aside from those couple of things, keep doing what your doing as they look healthy. Keep in mind those plants will double in size in flower but if your only letting them get to 8 inches you should have not troubles with space in that closet.


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Looks like sheets of mylar to me... aluminum foil crinkles a lot worse than that. But Welcome to the forums! What i would do and have done succesfully my first grow.. I started with miracle grow and wanted to switch them into foxfarms oceanforrest after reading all the bad things about miracle grow. You can pick any soil that is designed for cannabis like roots organic or pretty much any of those one would find in a grow shop.
So to get rid of the miracle grow get a 5 gallon bucket and fill it with water. Take your plant out of its pot and carefully place it in the 5 gal of water. You can get your hands down there on the roots and gently break apart the root ball... shake it wiggle it a little until most of the soil is off the roots. Then pull her up and transplant to container with new soil. (that you already had set up prior to drowning your girl) Keep in mind This will stress her out a lot but i think its worth it to get them out of that miracle grow crap and into a medium that will give you much more control over her nutes. A week after this transplant she will be thriving again and all will be well.


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Hey there. Yeah, thanks for the replies! It is mylar, it just looks a bit different because cost is an issue so rather than spending too much I went to dollar store and used the back of the mylar wrapping paper.

Also, I could not possibly be any more paranoid about cleaning out those roots to that extent. How about a lesser version of that...aka just transplanting into a 5 gal pot of Promix without disturbing the current root soil ball? I really really really dont want to mess with root ball. For people who do Hydro they prob are laughing at this....but yeah. paranoid to fuck with the root ball during transplants.

Anything less invasive please!?


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Yeah, its actually super thin mylar. Im broke so using back side of mylar gift wrap lol. Yeah, I'm anxious to flower but want to transplant the larger clones into 5 gal pots. Some people have attempted to talk me out of that stating that 3 is enough....but I want to do it so that I can mix in some Promix with the current soil...cause i got MG with nutes in there....so logic is that roots will expand past the point of the MG and ideally if all those nutes arent used up that i can flush them through easier becuase the promix breathes a bit better than the MG....

again, i'm changing my mind about how i want to handle things on an hourly basis lol....but i believe that's the plan


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Just a thought.... if they look healthy to you, just don't give any more nutes. It's the dark cycle that will force flowering. If you let them grow for a couple months, they will use up most of the nutes, anyway. Then you can give them bloom nutes a week or two into flower. Less is more with Cannibus.

I have not had any problems with MG soil, esp since I added sand and vermiculite to lighten the mix. I did finally switch to Black Gold, because I like the texture over MG's. And additives like Mycos and worm castings. Gotta make this work with YOUR budget.

Cannibus is very forgiving.


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Honestly they look great! Typically soils with fertilizer follow the rule of 1mo per gal of soil. For example, 3 gal equals 3mos of food.

You could get by with what you have but if I were you I'd transplant the 3gal to 5gal and the 1 gal to the 3gal pots. After transplant I would veg 2 to 4 more weeks and then flip.

Usually local hardware stores like Lowe's and home depot carry Promix which would work great and is only $12 a bale.

I would not recommend disturbing the root ball during transplant. It can be done but the stress would set you back a few weeks. Once the nutrients are used up in the miracle grow you'll be fine.

Hope this helps a little. Goodluck! [emoji120]

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