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I have just recently become a member on this site but I have been visiting for a few weeks now and have read tons of great info. In the past I've been on several other similar forums. I tried posting this journal on another site but I didn't receive any feedback. I'm hoping I can get advice from more experienced growers. I would consider myself a newbie despite doing a tremendous amount of research. I have grown in the past but that was several years ago so i'm a little rusty lol. Previously I've done a homemade ebb/flow table in a closet, a cabinet DWC and also a large homemade tent with 12 plus soil plants. Both went almost perfect using fox farm nutes up until the final weeks when my friend ,who's house we were using, failed to take care of them. We were still able to harvest but quality was low.

Fast forward 6 years. I now have my own house and the funds to setup my own grow again. Plus at this point it's more of an investment. My wife and I are spending over $300 per month on low quality personal.

My first priority is stealth. We do have a young child and would hate for our lives to be ruined just so we can smoke. I have the perfect space tho. There is a space underneath my stairs that will work perfect. I have just recently installed a locking door. I plan putting a 2x4x5 grow tent inside. I will even eventually have enough room to put a 2x3x2 tent in there for clones/vegging. For now I'm trying to keep things simple with one tent and a low budget. Here's my supply list so far:

1 grow tent (2ftx4ftx5ft)

I 600 watt hps/mh with a reflector wing

1 4in duct fan plus tubing
1 6in duct fan plus tubing

1 6in clip fan

1 thermometer/hyrometer
6 3 gallon black pots


I have never ordered seeds before. I've researched it a million times but I've never had the guts to pull the trigger. Now I think I'm finally desperate enough to try it. I will be going with Attitude seeds. I've seen a lot of great reviews for them and I'm ordering just in time for their June promo which seems like a great deal. So here's what I'm getting:

3x Auto Berry Ryder
1x Dinafem Auto Critical Jack
1x Dutch Passion Auto Mazar

Ill also get these for free thru the June promo:

1 x Dinafem seeds — Auto Blue Cheese ( Feminized )
2 x World Of seeds — Wild Thailand ( Regular )
1 x Humboldt Seed Organisation — Lemon Thai Kush ( Feminized )
1 x TH seeds —Ultra Sour ( Feminized )
1 x G13 Labs — Blue OG ( Feminized )
And these extra freebies:
2x Regular UFO Grand Daddy Purple Seeds Purple Dream (couldn't find much info on this one anyone heard of it?)
1x Regular UFO Grand Daddy Purple Seeds OG Kush

Pretty great deal for $50!!! (I'm an idiot. The price was in pounds so after conversion it ended up being $78.00!  I still think I'm getting a good deal with all the freebies though. Guess you live and you learn lol.)

Im planning on starting with the Auto Berry, Mazar, Jack, and Auto Blue for a total of 6 plants in my 2x4 tent. I'm concerned with space obviously but it sounds like all of these strands will be pretty small. I plant on planting each of them in 3 gallon pots using miracle grow organic soil with peatmoss and perlite added.. I know it's crappy but it's cheap and easily available. In the future I'd like to upgrade to FF Ocean. I'd love to try SCROG but based on my research it doesn't sound like you can do that with autos so that may have to wait for my second grow with the photo seeds. I have leftover nutes FF Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom, and Grow Big.

I realize my biggest problem is going to be ventilation/over heating. I have a couple ideas for this though. First, my ballast is dimmable so I figure the easiest way is to bring fresh air thru the bottom using a 4in duct fan, run the light at a lower percentage like 75% and exhaust all the hot air thru the top using tubing and my 6in fan. My second solution is to put a air cooled hood I have homemade from my prior grow. I know there's other options as well like getting a 250 or 400 watt hps or even going fluorescent but I'm trying to plan for future grows and with the ballast being dimmable I think it would be the same as a lower wattage hps.

I have everything ordered and on the way. Should be getting the tent and grow light sometime this week. Then as long as my seeds pass customs I should see them the following week. It going to be a loooooonnnng wait lol. I appreciate any help or advice. I will post pics once I get the tent and light.


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Sounds like a fun project!!! I too would keep that 600w running at 400w too for heat control. The air cooled hood you have should help a big deal as well ! I didn't notice a Carbon scrubber on your list, what are you going to do for odor control..? I definitely can't wait to see it all set up! Welcome to 420 Magazine!


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Hey thanks! You are correct no carbon scrubber yet. Spent waaaay too much money already lol. Hoping to get one in another month or so. Hoping the smell shouldn't be too bad till the last couple weeks. Just hoping the homemade hood I have will fit otherwise I have to try and keep it cool with a normal reflector. Ill try to get some pics up tonight.


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Hey, sounds great Bubbles! :welcome:

Looking forward to some pics and that. Everybody loves photos here.

You're spot on about the smell. When flowering starts, you'll start to notice some stank,

particularly when the lights go off, but should be no need for a filter until the final weeks.

Good luck :peace:


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Think I figured out how to upload pics from my iPhone. It's actually kinda tricky lol. I downloaded the Forum Runner app and downloaded the photo bucket app. Then I can copy/paste the image link from photobucket into forum runner. I've included pics of my homemade air cooled hood. It's ghetto I know :) it definitely needs a good cleaning too. I'm concerned it will not be wide enough to put my 600 watt hps bulb on horizontally and then also I'm worried that the ventricle exhaust hole will cause space issues in my 5' tent. I'm hoping to upgrade to a hydro farm hood in the future but I'm over $400 invested so far and still need to get a carbon filter before harvest.


Here's some pics of the space and my new door.





And finally here's a sink that's located right next to my room. It's almost like it was made for this lol :)



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Thanks guys! Now I just have to wait on everything to get here. For soil I got a bag of organic choice miracle gro gardening soil. I was thinking id mix 30% perlite. I know it's not the best but its cheap. Hopefully I can get get FF soil my next grow. Will this soil mixture be ok? I have fox farm big bloom, grow big, and tiger bloom for nutes.


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Hello Mr. Bubbles!!:welcome:

I have a similar set up and also just started here on :420:. I have the same size tent. What I did was lay my grow tent on its side. I was worried about the the lights/heat but it is working well. This will give you a little extra space. I can fit up to 24 but more realistically 21 in #1 size pots. Also I have used the Miracle Gro soil you mentioned. I had no issues. I also use it on other garden plants. As long as you don't over fert, you'll be good. Good luck....I'll be watching.



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Thanks for the reply! Never thought of turning it on its side. It's 5ft tall so that would give me more length but my height would only be 4ft so not quite sure. How are you ventilating your light?


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Quick update so 247 garden contacted because they had to change my hanger from a ratchet to a yo-yo during the call I asked about upgrading my reflector. They were able to upgrade me to a 6in cool tube for only an extra $20 so now I'm getting a 600 watts hps/mh combo pack plus a cool tube for $140. Before online the same package was $160 so a $20 savings. Highly recommend 247 Garden their service was prompt and courteous. Looking forward to see how good their products are.


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Gl man. Welcome. I did months and months of research here. Just got my second space up and will be flowering saturday. This forum has given me everything ineed to be a great novice grower. I dnt use soil so canthelp you there.....def good upgrading to at least a cool tube. Ill be looking forward to seeing you begin. Stay. Green


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It's getting close! Everything is almost here. Feels like Christmas lol. Should be updating with pics soon.


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The tent is here! Ill post pics tonight after I get it setup


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I just got done getting my tent set up. So far it's exceeded all my expectations. I only paid $90 for it and it feels very durable. One issue I'm having is my ventilation holes are in awkward positions. The bottom left hole is right up against my wall and the rear hole doesn't have much space either. Im not sure if a passive intake will be enough to keep it cool. I was hoping for a 4in intake fan and a 6in exhaust fan. The exhaust hole located at the top of the tent is also only 4in. My 600w hps is coming with a 6in cool tube and I'm hoping to use a 6in exhaust fan. I know I can get an adapter for the exhaust hose to still connect it but I'm afraid I may lose auction. Other then that my only other question is electrical. So far I'm running all my cords outside of the tent into a power strip. Is it better to have the power strip in the tent?

Here's the pics :)....






Space for a small veg/clone tent? :)

Nice and concealed

Where my hps will hook up

Is 6 auto flowers in 3 gal buckets too many?

Where should the electrical go?

73 degrees 55% humidity with 2 t12 and no humidifier

Well that's all for now. Should have my light and seeds by early next week. Thinking of starting my seeds in jiffy pellets in a tray under the t12's but might just go straight to the MH in the 3 gal pots. I appreciate any advice and thanks for anyone following.


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Congrats on being one step closer there mrbubbles! Anticipating your grow :Namaste: in regards to your questions above, I had the same issue with my 4x4 tent, ended up slicing the fabric a good 3 inches in one direction which allowed me a little better angle to maneuver my way through.. If it isn't possible, are there two holes on the top of your tent? You could rig your ducting down the side of the tent, with the loss of some space. And with the power strip I think it is whatever you would prefer, having everything in your tent and grow area will keep it extra stealth, the one thing I was always sketched out when I had my power strip in the tent was accidentally spilling water on it, me being fully medicated, watering my plants, I could see something bad going to happen :blunt: everything went good though, make sure you zip tie it up to one of your tent posts! Can;t wait to see them girls poppin' through their soil!! Best of luck to you mr bubbles :thumb: CA215


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Thanks for all the advice! Do you think a passive intake will be enough with a 600hps cool tube with a 6in exhaust going to a 4in hose or a 4in exhaust? The passive air temp is usual 68-70. If I have to I can hook up the rear intake even tho it's up high I can rig a hose to the floor. It would have to intake from the room on the other side of the wall. It's only a 6in gap so worried about sound/light. Any ideas? Lol Getting really excited now. Seeds should be here Monday! Also should I start the seeds with 4' shop lights or straight to the Mh maybe turned down to 60%? for soil I have a bag of organic choice miracle grow garden soil. I don't believe it has any nutes in it. I'm planning on adding perlite, peat moss, and maybe compost. Would that be a good mix and what ratio should I use? Last question I promise lol,I also have hyrdoton rocks from a long time ago. Thought maybe I could clean them up and layer them on top of the soil. Is it worth the effort? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for any advice you guys can give!


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I was seeming to have some troubles keeping my heat down in my 4x4 with my 600whps, yet I didn't have the best exhaust fan. what are you going to be using for your 6in extractor? Your air temp seems to be pretty cool that will be a plus when dealing with the heat. Wrapping the intake around is going to be your best bet, or get some kind of c02 device. In a confined space like that you are going to want as much oxygen being pulled in and replaced to keep your girls nice and perky. Although this might bring some noise your way it might be a necessity. I'm sure you can even wrap your fans with some noise proof thick wrap to keep noise levels down. I've seen diy threads here where people made a sterlite storage box cut holes on both sides for ducting to run through, with their fan closed inside with a pillows and blankets and kept it nice and quiet, although that would definitely take up some room.. You could just posibbly wrap your fan up and rock with it :) What are the specs on the 4in shop lights? They might be better than starting on a 300w+ MH, a plant can only use so much light MH can be overkill at times. I used some of that soil on my first grow and it was so so. I then opted for Fox Farm soils as they are more commonly used around here. Although the mg can be used I would keep a special eye on them and watch for any changes. All those sound good to mix in just make sure to do a little re search into the compost you use to make sure you don't make your soil too hot, which will make problems arise. Were they used hydroton rocks, the clay ball things? I really don't have much experience with these at all :blunt: Hope this helps ya abit, :peace: CA


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Thanks for the reply. Sounds like a great idea to build silencer boxes for the intake/outtake fans and just have then outside the tent I have plenty of space under the stairs still. I have 2 6in duct fans and 2 4 in duct fans laying around. Plenty of 4in hosing and one six in hose. Not quite sure how ill have it all setup yet lol. One idea was to put the tent on its side. This would mean opening the doors horizontally which isn't a big deal but the floor tray wouldn't be quite long enough I'm anal like that lol. I'm concerned that 4 ft high by 5ft long will be a stretch for the 600 watt cool tube plus the 4ft is prolly ok for auto flowers but I also have regular seeds for future grows too. It would solve my vent hole issues tho. Decisions decisions... As far as shop light it's 2 t12 daylight bulbs from a previous grow. I actually have 3 more laying around lol.
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