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Ok, I have already started a few threads on my new grow, and I am going to continue with updates so I better start a journal.lol. Any ways here are my detail:

Hydro Grow, top feed to waste as per the Cap'ns instructions
Just bag seed for now to see how it goes
Day time temps are running about 72, and maybe 65 at night
trying to keep my ph at 5.8 but it is drifting
using General Hydro nutrients.
right now plants are under a 600w MH
there is only 5 plants and the nutrient solution is now running at 750ppm @.7 conversion....

hope that covers most of the criteria.... here are some of my pics

these pictures cover the last couple of weeks, obviously right from seed till about 5 days ago..
Ok here is a shot of the plants from yesterday


as you can see, I seem to be having a variety of differences in my plants... for the most part they are all looking good except the last photo. I am not sure what is up with it. Possibly started feeding it too early as it was a little behind the rest of them, but is getting fed the same
I am having troubles keeping the ph correct though.. I have to adjust the solution everytime I go to feed. So a few days ago, I did a good flush with 5.5 ph water, and then went back to feeding.. .yesterday, I fed with 5.4 nutrient solution and checked my run off, which came back at 6.1. How should I be trying to correct this??? Should I lower the ph of my nutrient solution to get the ph of the run off down, or should I just continue to try to keep my ph at 5.8 for my nutes???
Well u do have bag seed so it could just be the plant, kinda looks over watered to me ..I would carry on and keep the ph going as your are. Keep updating if it gets worse tho
Hey all, back again. Here are some recent pics... I topped 3 of 5 plants 2 days ago and 1 today... the last one I think I am just going to toss, it doesnt seem to be getting any better and the growth is odd.. any ways here are the pics
As you can see they are doing well for the most part, adjusting ph to 5.5 - 5.8 ish, my run off is at 6.1, so nothing is way out of range, but you can see in the second last pic I have some rusty spots on one of the leaves, and the last pic is same plant but a newer growth. These leaves are off of the plant in the second picture in the front row on the left, the one on the right is probably going to get tossed as it seems to be having troubles....any comments are welcome, thanks for looking
Ok, plants are doing great, I didnt take any pictures yesterday though... did a watering with straight water no nutrients. PH of my run off is right in the 5.8 range for all 5 plants, I had watered with 40ppm water, and run off was 500ppm for the most part. Can anyone tell me if I should be feeding with every watering, or should I only feed nutes with every second or third watering?? Thanks in advance.
I have done feeding every two days and every three. It will take a bit to feel out your plant and know when she needs food., also your type of food and strength. Best to keep a log to go back on. It may take u a grow to fine tune your specific setup and plant. But u will find the sweet spot.
yeah, I have been feeding nutes with every water, there is no signs of nute burn, so I watered yesterday with straight RO water and runoff was still between 500 and 700 on all of the plants... I just wasn't sure if its like soil where you should only nute every second or third watering. will I build up salts and nutrients in the rock wool or does it just flush out when i water??
Keep on as you are and should be fine as far as salt build up. It can happen more on flood and drain or when it's just sitting in food. As long as your top feeding all should be good. If the salt is reaalllyyy bad u need to use a chemical flushing agent like FloraKleen. But like I said it's more common in bottom feed systems.
If your plants are takin all the food you are giving then and not burning up or getting N Toxicity, then keep on, but keep a log. Down the road when your more comfortable you can start really pushing your plans to the limit. It is better to underfeed then over feed.
K sounds good. I will feed them tonight or tomorrow depending on how the pots feel... I also topped the plant about a week ago, it seems to have stunted upwards growth for the last week, but the lower leaves are really starting to pop out. I am hoping they will start with upward growth again soon.. I will post some pictures tonight...thanks for looking.
These babies are now under a 600w MH, and are 4 weeks from seed. I was thinking they should be bigger than this by now, but maybe that is just hopeful thinking. Is the leaf curl "N" toxicity or something else?? Also the brown spots on the leaves?? Potassium def?? Any pointers would be appreciated...Oh, and I flushed with RO water yesterday, maybe about 30% runoff, might do it again if it is N toxicity then go back to feeding unless anyone has better ideas.
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