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whats wrong?

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    What is wrong?

    It's my first time and i'm already confused, I don't think this is normal but i can't really really find anything about if this is normal. The seed has been in the soil for a week now... shouldn't there be leaves on it already? Please help!
  2. C

    What's wrong with my babies

    I got them about four days ago they have grown 1 inch since then. I transplanted them into Tupur soilless mix. I have watered them twice with tap water 300 mL each. The room temperature stays around 75 to 79° during the day and 67 to 70° at night (Fahrenheit) Room humidity hovers around...
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    Whats wrong with my plant?

    This is one about 5 weeks old and I place it outside today to get some real sun cause the leaves were really sagging and about 45 minutes later this is what happened. The leaves curled up and turned the leaves a lighter color giving them some spots. Anybody know what's wrong? This is my first...
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