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  1. Ron Strider

    Andrew Dice Clay Says Taking 'Two Hits Of Weed' Was The Secret To His Success

    Comedian Andrew Dice Clay says cannabis is the secret to his success. In a recent interview with Maxim, the shock comic revealed that he developed his outrageous standup material in the 80s and 90s by having a couple tokes before beginning his sets. "I'll go on stage, I'll take two hits of...
  2. E

    Light cycles

    hi has anyone ever tryed or thought about flowering with a 11hr on and 10 hr off .saving 3 hours a day totaling 21hr a week giving a whole extra grow period a week.have no exprience with this. mabe i smoke to much n think way to much.hope someone can help thanks Eli'
  3. 2

    1st Time Grow - CFLs - Bag Seeds & A Whole Bunch Of Fun

    Using CFLs and a closet...upgrading to a tent soon. 6 plants started
  4. Brassico

    150watt HPS

    i have a hydroponic set in a 2x2 area can i use my hps light the whole grow its white widow fem
  5. P

    If a seed floats?

    Hi just wondering if a seed floats does that mean its no good/not viable? I received some from a seed bank today. If you want the whole story its in my journal, link in signature. Cheers Joey
  6. O

    Question regarding curing

    Hello Everyone, I Have a question about curing for the more experienced growers out there. I just recently switched over to hang drying the whole plant vs sectional using " 11 steps to perfect Humboldt hang dry". My question is regarding when to take down whole plants and jar them based off...
  7. E

    Varied list of Infrequently Asked Questiions

    Gotta feeling my whole message did not post.
  8. 45thdegreeMP3

    Thread auto save?

    Does anyone know how I can pull up autosaves from my threads? I just put a few hours into a long post just to have it say it timed out &delete all my text. Any clues so I don't have to rewrite &risk the whole thing deleting again? Thank you all much &hopefully someone knows what's what. I should...
  9. weedman79

    Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies Auto & Blue Treacle Auto Grow - 300W LED

    Welcome my 420 fam, and any new members that i may meet along the way... I will be growing in 3gallon & 2 gallon pots this go around. Roots organic soil of course( My babies love this stuff) I will prob let them grow natural..But who knows i do love the (LST) on the autos, and top. I will be...
  10. Young Yoda

    Neptune's Harvest Killing Tea?

    Hello, so I've been experimenting with teas for a little while now. I bought myself a way-too-big pump (900-1000gph i think) and I brew in a 5 gal bucket. I have been using a whole range of organic ingredients in various quantities and combinations, and I also have been using Recharge (which is...
  11. gr865

    Stackit Drying racks

    Hi ya'll, I was gifted a 36" X 6' HydroFarm Stackit drying rack. It is way to big for my needs but it was free. I may only use two trays or so. My question is to I cut the in the individual buds off or can I dry whole branches. I like having the branches as I feel they dry more even than...
  12. K

    Emerald Triangles nutrients?

    Anyone have experience with these nutes? I'm running there whole line. Grow, micro, bloom, crystal burst, g10, deep breathe ect.... this is my first run with the whole line and so far so go. Im currently at day 3 of week 2 bloom. Just found 4 outta 10 males. :( but better to find out asap. All...
  13. H

    1st time clone attempt!

    casualties from my super cropping/topping so am trying to clone without solution...only tap water. started yesterday...any tips?? have six fan leaves and 1 whole top (couple nodes). let's see what happens..thx!