1. Sprouts With Wicks

    Sprouts With Wicks

    I fed the wicks into the potting soil with the bbq skewer and left them soaking in the water. Each pot has one wick. The pots were raised off the reservoir by a cake rack.
  2. Carmen Ray

    The Everything SWICK Club: 2023 And Beyond

    I'd like to invite some people to contribute to the development of this thread. Please feel free to contribute and invite others too: @el gringuito @Hash Hound @ReservoirDog @bluter @Azimuth @lazylathe @Pondwater Who else, people? :cheer:WELCOME TO THE SWICK CLUB:cheer: First off, I am a...
  3. Carmen Ray

    Couldn't Resist A Christmas Auto Grow

    :cheer::cheer::cheer: Greetings friends and welcome to my Christmas Auto Grow Watching my friends set up their demo grows has got me all excited. I decided that I would sprout some seeds and get going so that I can harvest a couple of auto-flowering plants in late Feb 2023. I decided to go...
  4. G

    Outdoor Wicking System - Stream Fed/Self Sustaining

    I am interested to gain thoughts on this system I have planned. There is a remote stream that would act as a water source for this system. It involves 2 five-gallon buckets for the primary structure. One bucket (reservoir) is buried halfway into the ground directly in the middle of the stream...
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