1. P

    2 weeks old - Do these look normal?

    Hi all, My first post to go along with my first grow. I planted these two girls a few weeks ago, and it’s been two weeks since they popped out of the ground.. Currently running a window sill setup before I plant them out into the garden when I’m sure the night frost is gone. Regular watering...
  2. T

    New With Two Questions

    1. Are these ready for the introduction to the 12/12 phase? 2. I live in an apartment and had a brilliant idea of moving the plants to my bedroom to better hide them. All seemed good but yesterday I opened the window to give the room some air. Closed the window and all seemed fine until...
  3. G

    Growing in the window?

    So I got some seeds that are automated and feminized (got them from a friend). I can go outside and plant the seeds and start to grow but I just need a bit of help. So what I originally planned to do was dig some holes, plant seed after germanification of the seeds. What I'm wondering is...
  4. harkz

    Is my seedling healthy?

    Could anybody tell me if she looks healthy? first time grow, really basic windowsill grow in the UK about 1 week old thanks x
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