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1,200 Marijuana Plants Eradicated In Sonoma County


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The Drug Enforcement Administration and the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department eradicated 1,200 marijuana plants worth $1 million on Calistoga Road, the sheriff's department said.

Sgt. Chris Bertoli said a property owner located the starter plants and a week later observed a Hispanic man trespassing in the area where the plants were found, Bertoli said.

The Sonoma County Narcotics Task Force was aware of water sources on the property because of garden locations seized last year, Bertoli said. With the use of the sheriff's department's helicopter Henry 1, two "cannabis castles'', plastic starter plant beds containing 1,200 plants, were located on the property, Bertoli said.

Task force members dismantled one large campsite and several hundred feet of irrigation line that was hidden in thick brush, Bertoli said.

Each plant has the potential to produce a half-pound of marijuana and the current value of a half-pound of marijuana is $1,750, Bertoli said.

The task force notes this is the time of year marijuana growers are establishing their gardens and property owners are encouraged to report suspicious activity related to possible grow sites and not confront possible growers, Bertoli said.

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Pub Date: May 20, 2006
Source: CBS5 - Bay City News Wire
Copyright: MMVI, CBS Broadcasting Inc.
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Heck fire.. he was only 1188 plants over the County limit. :hmmmm:


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AHAHAHAHAHA im on calistoga road all the time
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