2 questions about growin' in SOIL!


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1. What is the ideal P.H. for your water/nutrient solution when growing in soil ?

2. How far from the tops of my plants should I have my 600HPS ?

George Cervantes says that the ph should be 5.6 and you should have your lamp 18 inches from the top of your plants ?

I need some definate answers !

Cheers guys :hmmmm: :smokin:


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Re: 2 questions about growin' in SOIL !

that seems a bit low to me. not really sure though i just try to watch the actual soil PH. :D

11-15 inches away is pretty much optimal amount of lumen for a 600, however without heat shielding that might burn.
after around 26 inches away youve lost to much light to be very effective.

it will depend on your conditions where you actually place the light. every grow room is different.
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