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$20 Million Worth Of Marijuana Found In Parked Truck


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Three tons of marijuana worth an estimated $20 million on the street was found in a rental truck abandoned on a freeway onramp this week, authorities said Friday.

A California Highway Patrol officer discovered the stash when he stopped to check on a truck parked on the Milliken Avenue onramp to the westbound San Bernardino Freeway in Ontario about 9 p.m. Wednesday, said CHP spokesman Sgt. Telfinues Preszler Jr.

No one was around, and nothing appeared to be wrong with the vehicle, he said. The truck was unlocked and its engine still warm. The officer called for a tow truck and discovered the marijuana when he opened the back to inventory its contents.

"As of right now there are no suspects and no real leads," Preszler said.

The marijuana had been tied in small rectangular bundles and wrapped in plastic.

Officers canvassed the area but turned up no suspects.

"Somebody's going be in some major trouble for walking away and leaving that quantity sitting on the side of freeway," Preszler said. "I'm glad I'm not him."

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