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61 year old frail lady evicted from seniors' housing


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i am hopping mad: we live on the island of moloka'i and to get any lawyer over here from honolulu one must have money. the lady being evicted from the local federally-run senior's housing has a STATE CARD for medical marijuana. her vaporizer needed repair so she sent it to the mainland. mainwhile she smoked a joint to ease her excruciating backpain and someone smelled it and turned her in. this lady has a pacemaker and walks with a cane. she has a prescription for pain relievers which made her very sick, unable to eat. when i saw her in town the other day i didn't recognize her, she lost a bunch of weight and she is a shadow of herself. making her homeless now over this issue, to me, is elder abuse. tomorrow she needs to defend herself in court for the second time. she needs her special bed for her back as she had surgery. obviously she has no way to keep this bed when she is homeless.
is this the way we treat our elders in this country? under the guise of "legality"?
didn't president Obama just say that the feds are stopping to crack down on the laws of the states in regards to medical marijuana? this housing operation is federal, and yes, their booklet of rules (a whole booklet of those!) says no "drugs". but they are operating in our state and their rules overrride our state's laws....where is a good lawyer when you need one?
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