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700 Cannabis Plants Grown To Fund Plans For Fishery

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A cannabis "factory" housing 700 plants was uncovered at a fishery near Stafford, a judge heard. Police discovered a barn at Amerton Nursery, which had been fully equipped for propagating high-quality skunk.

The crop, which was nearly ready for harvesting, would have netted fishery owner Andrew Cupples and manager Stephen Barnes £77,000. They intended to use the cash to build fishing lodges for anglers on the banks of their water.

Stafford Crown Court heard yesterday that police had been tipped off by Cupples's ex-wife, who thought he was only growing a few plants for his own use.

Cupples, aged 44, of Amerton Nursery, Amington, branded by Judge John Maxwell as the "principal" of the drug factory was jailed for 54 months and Barnes, aged 38, the "junior partner", of the same address, was given 39 months. Each of them admitted conspiracy to produce cannabis and being concerned in an arrangement to acquire criminal property. Nick Burn, prosecuting, said: "This was not a small scale operation, it was more of a factory, rather than a farm."

Cupples lived in a bungalow at the premises and Barnes was living in a caravan on the site. A constable who went there in July last year came across Cupples and told him they had information that he was growing cannabis. Cupples replied: "I do have a few cannabis plants." Asked what he meant by "a few", Cupples replied: "There's a lot really, follow me." The officer was led to the barn packed with plants and equipment, including a "budding room" and a nursery area for the growing plants. Mr Burn said Cupples was "very co-operative".

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There is such a thing as being too cooperative, but then again, most cannabis smokers/growers are peaceful and helpful people.
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