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Police Urge Public To Help Win Fight Over Cannabis


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People across the Bradford District are being urged to keep playing a vital role in helping the police to track down cannabis factories set up in houses in ordinary residential streets.

In recent weeks, tip-offs from the community have led to the discovery of a number of such cannabis factories.

In the last 16 months officers have uncovered a total of 23 cannabis factories in the Bradford District, with cannabis worth more than £2million.

The latest one was found on Monday (9/4) at an address in Gladstone Street, Barkerend, after a member of the public contacted the police.

Although just a few cannabis plants were found, the house had clearly been used as a cannabis factory, with almost every room lined with tinfoil, fitted with high-powered lights, and with the floors of each room covered with plant pots containing just the roots of already cropped plants. Enquiries are being carried out by the Bradford District Drugs Team to trace those who rented the property.

Detective Inspector Neil Benstead, of Bradford District Drugs Team, said: “The successes we have had recently in disrupting what are very sophisticated cannabis production set-ups are due in no small part to the eagle-eyed members of the public who have contacted us with their suspicions.

“These cannabis factories are elaborate operations and are not something that can be set up and run in a residential street without them coming to the attention of people living and working in the area.

“"There are many ways to spot a potential cannabis factory and we want people to familiarise themselves with these warning signs so they can be our eyes, ears and noses on the ground.

“Most cannabis factories will emit a strong and unusual smell. Neighbours may hear a lot of banging noises as the factory is set up and see people coming and going with bags of fertiliser and compost and other equipment such as powerful lights.

“It is likely the curtains will be kept closed at all times but bright lights may appear to be left on around the clock. Residents living in the street are again likely to see various comings and goings when the crop is harvested, such as bags being loaded into a vehicle.

"I am also particularly appealing to landlords to be aware of what to look for. If the tenant always pays in cash and does not allow you access to the property then let us check it out.”

On April 2, officers were alerted by a member of the public to a property in Aireville Avenue, Frizinghall, where 337 cannabis plants and growing equipment was discovered. Two men, aged 23 and 32, were charged with production of cannabis, abstraction of electricity and criminal damage.

On March 31, officers discovered 600 mature cannabis plants and growing equipment at a house in Lonsdale Street, Barkerend, after being alerted by members of the public. A 53 year old man was subsequently charged with production of cannabis.

On the same day further information from the community led officers to a house in nearby Azealea Court, Barkerend, where they found a cannabis factory in the process of being set up. Equipment, including lights and fans, was discovered, along with a small number of young cannabis plants. A 38 year old man was charged with production of cannabis and a 34 year old man was bailed pending further enquiries.

On March 21, officers who attended a house in Belgrave Road, Highfield, Keighley, on routine enquiries found 355 cannabis plants. A 54 year old man was charged with production of cannabis.

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SOURCE: West Yorkshire Police
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WEBSITE: West Yorkshire Police: Communities Urged to Keep Cannabis Tip-offs Coming

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