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here's the kicker!
i dislike growin and using the plant!
its changed my life though! i was almost 300 lbs and never moved!
now im still down to often but i can do things when im not in so much pain!
cannabis is a savior but at the same time a burden. money and energy are prized around here by me. i have to spend what i have wisely or loose out on some aspect of my now normalcy.
i do like the look of said cannabis plants. the different strains are very cool!


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thats how it all started for me, i became a caregiver for someone who was 300 lbs and with a broken back. I work so hard when im in the garden it motivated him to come work with me, slowly of course. and now does A LOT better because of his MMJ Physical therapy.

Now i have my own card but i still always help that person out when they need it :D
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