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about batch numbers


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Hey all, getting ready for a sudden drug test hat popped up. and i have quick fix plus 5.7-1 just had a quick question.

how would you read this batch number? and is it a recent one (2014)

BATCH CANADA P143C06V... any info and help towards knowing if this is a recent batch would be GREATLY appreciated


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Every bottle of real Quick Fix comes with a batch number located on the direction portion enclosed in every box. Batch numbers will read something like this P12T-12 the first set of numbers is always the month in which it was manufactured and the second set or last numbers are the year. So when looking at the batch above disregard and letter in your batch and just look at the numbers. This batch P12T-12 was made in the 12 month of 2012 so it would be valid until 12-2014.
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