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Activists Rally Against Medical Marijuana Raids

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SPOKANE, Wash. -- Federal agents raided medical marijuana dispensaries across Spokane Wednesday and on Thursday supporters of medical marijuana rallied outside one of those stores.

A bus that activists have named the "Canni-bus" was parked outside of Medical Herb Providers on Freya and several people waved signs and asked drivers to sign a petition to legalize marijuana.

Mimi Meiwes with Sensible Washington has stage 5 kidney failure and relies on marijuana to give her an appetite.

"The feds need to stand down and stay out of patient care, you're not doctors, leave us alone," Meiwes said.

Without the dispensaries she fears that patients will turn to back alleys and drug dealers for their marijuana.

State law allows medical marijuana use, but it's still against federal law.

In April the US Attorney's Office sent notices to all dispensaries, warning them to cease and desist or go to jail.

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