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Advice on size cabinet with


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600w digital lamp with a 6'' cooled hood. The damn carbon filter and 440cfm exhaust fan is bigger than I thought.
Then using RDWC with a 18g bin for 2 plants. Will get 2 bins eventually on next grow but this is the first so not too crazy.
Have 2x 120mm fans for intake and 2x 60mm if needed as well. Then all the other supporting stuff other than AC units ands whatnot. I would like to use a small area in this cabinet for clones/seedlings under cfl and then also have a small utility area obviously. The hood is about 19"x11" and the filter is the 6" 500mm and is as big as the hood almost.

Here's my space:

I can go 4 - 4 1/2' wide 5 1/2' tall 2' deep but wish I could have more depth

I'm horrible at any design program so I'd paypal anyone who is awesome at doing that. Stealth is a must and everything must be neat. My main question to be clear as well is what size should I make the overall cabinet given the measurements and taking the 2 chambers into consideration. What size should those be, given the exhaust fan is pretty big. Haven't done all my research on my clone room yet but what size should I make it?
The only person that knows is my builder and he already has an idea but would rather you guys point out the mistakes you made first.

ANY help and pointers in greatly appreciated!


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Why not buy a premade cab from Walmart and just gut it. They have a wooden one for like 113 and its got space for veg, flower, clone, mom, and room up top for hardware...oh its also already painted white as well :)
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