Ak 48

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Nirvana AK 48
Type: Indica/Sativa dominant
Veg: 35 days
Indoor flowering: 56 days

The father is Jock Horror, a three-way hybrid that combines genetics from Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze.Very, very high yield, loves all forms of training. Not dependent on heavy use of nutes.

AK 48 has a fruity/nutty/piney smell of trees. It has a very active punchy buzz which leads to a 3 to 4 hour head high. AK48 does not leave you overly couch locked or lethargic. This is great for daytime use!

The below bud picture is after 3 weeks of cure. It is not too dense and grows a tad more to the fluffy side.

At first, I was not convinced as to this strain, but the more it cures, the better it is. This strain mixes perfectly with stronger Indicas as it takes the couch lock away. I have just popped 5 more seeds, due to the impressive results.

Rating: Solid A.


Yeah, it's a good bud giving nice long-lasting quasi sativa high :hookah:
It's tasty and quite strong as well. Not the best weed I smoked in my life, but very high in ranking.

This is my old AK-48
Nice Pics Conradino,

I had to take mine down a week early, they got caught out in a thunderstorm and all 8 colas looked like a banana peel when I awoke the next morning. They were hardening up, but were still a little fluffy. After I cured for 3 weeks, they all got pretty dense.

KingJohnC is running AK48s in his LED Dominator journal and now I have a couple that I can compare mine to now.

Thanks for posting your pics! I have popped 5 more and am going to let them go the distance, thunderstorms forbidding.


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