Americans for Safe Access Comments on Imperial Beach Ban

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Nothing is going to stop Marcus Boyd from attending the Imperial Beach city council meeting on Wednesday. He will be the guy in council chambers wearing a "Take a Look Marijuana is Medicine" shirt.

Boyd sits as the vice-chairperson for the San Diego Chapter of Americans For Safe Access. He also owns a business in Imperial Beach. He has spent months fighting the temporary moratorium, and vows to continue to fight the proposal to outlaw all dispensaries which distribute medical cannabis to two or more persons.

Boyd says that the city council and the city manager are moving forward on a ban without any support from residents. He accuses the City of spreading a "smear with fear" campaign, to convince residents and any fence-sitting councilmembers of the harms of medicinal marijuana dispensaries.

"According to council meeting minutes since the process began in 2009, there have been no residents or businesses that have spoken in opposition to dispensaries operating in the city," writes Boyd in an email.

Boyd says that the council has started to meet on the issue behind closed doors and has neglected to inform the public about those back-room discussions.

"Whatever their reason," adds Boyd, "it is now a violation of the Brown Act, and I will be requesting a Cure and Correct before the June 15th vote.

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