Apa Awards Unanimous Support For Medical Marijuana

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Washington, D.C. ( AHN ) - In an attempt to push forward the acceptance of the effectiveness of medical marijuana, the American Psychiatric Association has declared their unanimous vote in support of the legal protection of patients with doctors' recommendations to use the herb for medical reasons.

Proclaimed in an action paper awaiting approval from the APA Board of Trustees this December, the argument noted that 12 states have already adopted the laws allowing regulated use of medical marijuana.

It pointed out, "The threat of arrest by federal agents, however, still exists. Seriously ill patients living in these states with medical marijuana recommendations from their doctors should not be subjected to the treat of punitive federal prosecution for merely attempting to alleviate the chronic pain, side effects, or symptoms associated with their conditions or resulting from their overall treatment regimens...[We] support protection for patients and physicians participating in state approved medical marijuana programs."

Being the second action paper put out calling for further facilitations in the research "into the medical utility of marijuana," the vote was described to be "a landmark, a proud day for our profession," as declared by Abraham L. Halpern, M.D., professor emeritus of psychiatry at the New York Medical College, and former president of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law.

"As physicians, we cannot abide our patients being subject to arrest and jail for using a physician-recommended treatment that clearly relieves suffering for many who are not helped by conventional treatments," Dr. Halpern added, as quoted by the Salem News.

The consequences that have been facing those using medical marijuana has been a growing issue in the state.

A most recent incident related to the controversy involved a Gary Ross, who filed a court case complaining that his company terminated him for using the herb, despite the fact that it was doctor-approved, as reported by the AP.

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I love seeing more non-cannabis related organizations in the medical field supporting MMJ, hopefully more will catch on. When that happens then the government will have to comply.
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