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Asking for help - then wait for it


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I've only been coming here to 420 mag for less than a year, but I'm familiar with web forums in general.

#1. this forum is awesome, the peeps here have plenty of information to SEARCH thru. Pretty much any question about growing has already been asked, answered and commented on.

#2. the moderators here offer helpful advise when asked, they even have a link to demonstrate how to ask for help How to Ask for Grow Support

#3. the users of this forum don't have to worry about getting flamed for their opinion. everyone has a right to deal with who they want and to experiment how they want. no one seems to rip on anyone for this. 'to each his/her own' seems to be the way of the land here.

OK, all that being said,
now I'm going to let out a little complaint of my own.

I hate it when people come to this forum and then post a question (usually in the early AM), and then a few hours later, post again asking why no one is helping them. Most of the time the user is new (by their post count) and is asking a question that I've seen answered multiple times in this forum. Sometimes the topic has it's own entry in the faq's.

I don't know why it bothers me, but it does.
So please, in order for you to get your answers faster, please use the Search functionality here.

You can also use google.
There's even a site so that smart-ass users of forums can answer people's questions with a link to google. It's called 'let me google that for you'

Let me google that for you, try it.

Thanks for reading.

I love 420 magazine - you guys and gals rock.
Thank you for all the support.

:thanks: :goodjob:
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