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BananaRama wahoo!


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:28: WHCCH has an awesome crop of Banana Kush & also Banana Kush Bubble Hash for those who like the adventure of Hybrid strains...This one is a beauty to behold & smell: nice tight compact sticky, pungent skunk smelling buds and the taste is very interesting as it has a slight banana/lemony taste with a heavy skunk bud flavor...this hybrid has a very nice Sativa effect with just the right amount of body buzz & relaxation and still keep a good head high, so as to be able to be social or functional.

Try their custom made concentrate " OIL SLICK "
IT is OG Kush AAA Bud completely smeared, gooed and gummed up with Grand Daddy Purple Kush Oil (of the DANKEST Kind) & sold in grams...this stuff is for hard hitters and be prepared to be amazed at the Master Kush effect that takes control of your mind & body...don't plan on leaving your sitting position for better part of 6 or more hours.:laugh2:


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Re: BananaRama wahoo!!!

zed im telling you you have to stop posting all this stuff... i dont know how much longer i can hear about this club:rasta:
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