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Blue Dream Taste Enhancer?


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I read some where that if you added an additive like maybe some sort of Blueberry syrup or juice of some sort before you water for the last time before you harvest that it will enhance that flavor. Anyone heard of this before? Anyone have any suggestions or knowledge of this or maybe another way to make it even better than what it already is? Thanks:Hookah:


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I've had someone tell me Kool Aid too.

It's the sugars that would help with taste. I may be wrong here, but as far as I have read there is no one time additive to help with flavor. People add molasses to grows, I've read that helps. The nute companies make flavor additives as well. I use GH's FloraNector Fruit, it even smell good out of the bottle.

I don't think the taste from something like blueberry syrup or juice would transfer into the taste of the bud.

A lot of different strains have their own unique flavors as well.



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during flushing i use blueberry/ cranberry juice, grapejuice, grape jelly, agave nectar, bud candy and GH fruit and fussion mixed w/ water. followed by fresh water flush. i do this during the final week in 12/12 before harvest. followed by 36 hours of darkness. it really sweetens the buds and leaves. i use AN carbo load during flowering. thats all sugar like deoxyribose, lyxose, ribose, xylulose etc. use w/ pirahna and tarantula.:cheer: grow baby grow.
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