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Bontanicare - How experienced user use the products


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I am in flowering mode on a white rhino and it looks stressed and thin. Extreme yellowing and curling leaves when the buds started.

I have all the test meters. Ph=5.6, ppm=854, water temp=76F, room temp = 83 with 400w HPS light on. R/O DI water with 2ppm water in container.

The white Rhino is looking thin and ugly.

I want to know how experienced users use this product.
I have the following products:
Pro Blend Grow and Bloom
Liquid Karma

When I put the recommended dose in 10 gals of water, the plants have nutrient burns. I flash the system and went on vacation for 2 weeks. I added 3/4 recommened dose, approx 900ppm. When I returned, the white rhino was covered in yellowish curling leaves. I flushed again and added 850ppm nutrients.

I added 3 more plants to the system that I cloned a month ago. They are looking good after 8 days in the flowering area.

Experienced users, please tell me your schedule for using Botanicare products or should I switch to GH or FoxFarm where there is a lot of data.


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Here is a picture of the stressed plant:


MK Ultraman

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Hey southernboy I don't think it's nutrient related seems like heat stress or sometime base on your picture, during the 2 weeks was the lamp placed high enough to grow into without burning? Also could be some diease like root rot starting possibly by the sightly warm water temp. How do the roots look and smell?


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I have 3 other plants in the same area and they are doing fine. I changed the solution and added Mg and nutrients to 900ppm. The plant recovered. I found 2 male plants and removed them. I placed two females in the flowering area.

I added Cal-Max to help repleanish the Mg.
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