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Boyne City Halts Medical Marijuana Shops, For Now

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BOYNE CITY -- No legal pot shops will open in Boyne City for at least six months.

Boyne City leaders unanimously agreed on Tuesday to adopt a medical marijuana moratorium for six months. The idea is to allow city officials time to investigate the voter-approved state law and how Boyne City should implement it, if at all.

"We feel we need a little bit more time and we're watching what our neighboring communities are doing," said Michael Cain, city manager.

The city received a couple of inquiries about potential medical marijuana businesses, but no official proposals, Cain said.

City planner Scott McPherson said officials must decide whether to adopt an ordinance with specific rules for medical marijuana operations and facilities. Further, choices must be made on how such businesses would fit into the city's existing zoning laws and whether a local licensing fee should be established, he said.

"I have no idea how long it will take to investigate this," McPherson said.

Cain said the city can extend the moratorium, so long as officials can prove the city is actively reviewing the subject and making progress toward a decision or action. It's an issue communities across the state are faced with, he said.

Nobody made public comments on the topic at the commission's meeting at city hall.

"The moratorium is a good way to go," said commissioner Mike Cummings.

Boyne City Mayor Chuck Vondra said city leaders must decide what's best for their community.

"We've got to figure out what's right for Boyne City," Vondra said.

Many surrounding communities adopted similar medical marijuana moratoriums, while others quickly established rules and licensing fees. For example, Traverse City currently is home to eight legal dispensaries or collectives and more are expected to open, said Traverse City planner Russell Soyring.

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