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So, I'm gonna' be drug tested about once a week for a while. When I fail, I get kicked out of the house. So, I've been clean for almost a month. But what abour brownies? If I eat those, will that show up on a test?

I was thinking about it. Drug tests test for the THC that enters your blood stream through your lungs. But brownies are eatin, so they don't go into the blood stream. Do they still show up on tests?

I hope not, hah. I need SOME form of grass.

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If anything, I think eating it would make it stay longer because its absorbed with the fat that is stored in your body. I dont know for sure though but this is just my educated guess.
^^you type faster than me lol^^^^^

Sorry sweetheart but THC is THC. Brownies might spike it more than jsut smoking a bowl... Just smoke for the first 24 hours after each test then guzzle water the rest of the week....
If you don't mind me asking...

Are you living at home and being tested by your parents?
Yes, I am. They say if I fail, they'll kick me out. I had a thread about it a while back when they found me out the first time.

Alright, thanks for the help, guys.

I know people smoke sage, too. Sort of just a relaxing buzz, you know? I think I'm going to look into getting that. Anybody know where I should look? And what I should look for, too.

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