First timer & brownies, need advice please


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Hey guys, I'm a seasoned veteran but I've only dealt with brownies a few times.

An older friend of mine (late 40's) has been in a lot of pain lately so for New Years I got some brownies (had a trusted friend make them) and I want to give her one.

The problem is I won't be able to keep her company and I don't know if I like the idea of getting someone stoned (the brownies are gonna be very powerful) by herself for her first time, I feel like you should always have someone with experience there even though I know nothing bad would happen to her. She's kind of up tight so I don't want her to freak out alone in her apartment.

What would you guys do? I guess I could tell her to call me if she has a problem but I'm not sure if that's good enough.

I know a lot of people don't really get stoned their first time smoking, do you guys know if it works the same way with brownies?

Thanks in advance & Happy New Year!!!
I say DO-IT.....DO-IT.....just make sure she's got a good amount of milk in the fridge and tally-ho.....word
In a similar situation, recommend trying them at bedtime, and not too much at first. Also, allow plenty of time, I'm still waiting for what I ate in the past hour to come on.
Start w/ a small bit the first time to "get the sensation". Later or the next day, try a bigger dose. Make sure she is relaxed and doesn't have to go anywhere or do anything.
if you ever doubt doing something its usually best not to do it but if u go in with good expectations and good vibes then things will work out
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