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Hey, cannabis folks, a few local growers dug into their own experiences to create a risque' video look at local marijuana culture. (Perhaps it could go without saying, but....of course, they want to be anonymous.)

These secretive folks nonetheless want everyone to get a look at what they are trying to create so....we've been chosen to introduce the Emerald Triangle to what they've been working on for years—an animation about our area and its marijuana culture in the Family Guy tradition.

First, a bit of background. Two couples began thinking about four years ago that our local outlaw culture was a rich mine for comedy.

"We were born and raised here," explained a woman we'll call Honey. "Well, two born and raised here and two who came here with no prior idea and fell in love...We've experienced Humboldt County, the thick and thin of it. There's some really hilarious situations that happen here."

The two couples tossed around some ideas, drew some sketches, and eventually came up with six major characters and a few minor ones. "The main characters are based on us," Honey explained. (After watching the clip below you'll have some idea of why they might want to be anonymous.)

Then Honey said they reached out to an animation attorney. "He was a little tough on us at first," she disclosed. "He told us 'It will be kind of difficult for you to get anywhere.' At his suggestion, we hired an...animation company." In part, they hired the company because they hoped it's reputation would open doors in the industry....It didn't.

"Once we got the clip made, none of the networks wanted to watch our clip because we were nobody," Honey said. "But we've gone so far, we couldn't give up on the idea." The two couples decided to reach out online to viewers starting with Redheaded Blackbelt readers.

"We're kinda relying on the community to see if this idea is going to go any further or not," Honey explained. "We'll see if the viewers give them notoriety. If it doesn't take off here at home, it's probably not going to take off."

Honey acknowledges the show is "a little risque'.

"We'll probably step on some people's toes," she said with a laugh. But, she insisted, "Humboldt Hillbillies will be a gritty version of life here....It's raw and real... We wanted to formulate the show around situations that have happened.The characters for the most part are based on real people that either we know or have come across."

So, Emerald Triangle folks, heeeeeere's The Humboldt Hillbillies

"If you like the idea, then maybe, hey, buy a t-shirt," said Honey. "That will help fund another episode."

The process of creating this clip and the surrounding social media presence (see links below) was expensive and stressful, according to Honey. "It was a fairly difficult process," she said. "[The clip] doesn't look like anything major to make...but it cost more than we had anticipated that was for sure."

Working with a production company from out of the area was especially difficult, Honey said. "We needed to feel out if they were the kind of people we wanted to work with. Could they take sketches we created and make animations from that?"

But beyond that, the two couples had what Honey called, "a really interesting time getting them to understand what Humboldt is about."

She paused. "There was a lot that was lost in translation," she said. For the next step, they'd like to work with people familiar with the culture.

"We would like to use this article to approach local animators," she explained. "We want to keep it local...We tried to do it the corporate way and outsource but they had a hard time understanding us."

If you're interested in getting in touch with the creators of the Humboldt Hillbillies, then reach out to them on any of their social media sites.


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