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Can you use carbo additives durring flush?


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I am just curious if you can use carbo additives durring the flush cycle?
If you did would it be better to use an organic version of some sort?
I can't see why you couldn't use it, it is not truly a nutrient. I use "Carbo Max" and it doesn't say anything about flush period. I looked at AN and it says this:
· Beautifies Appearance & Sweetens Floral Aroma
· Removes impurities
· Totally safe & easy to use

Most growers desperately wish their plants would produce larger harvests. But they often find that their plants poop out midway through bloom cycle. They try to remedy this by pouring more and more nutrients into their plants, using bloom boosters, and eliminating any pests or diseases.

Still, their plants remain weak, anemic, and low-yielding. Advanced Nutrients scientists found the cause of this problem, and created 100% organic Carbo Load Liquid and Powder to wake up blooming plants by giving them extra energy for renewed bloom vigor and better harvest production.

Blooming hydroponics plants are like energy-starved racers in the last miles of a grueling marathon. During bloom cycle, plants have used up most of their stored carbohydrates at a time when their metabolism isn't naturally inclined to make and store more carbos.

Carbohydrates are energy sources essential for plant health and bloom growth, so it's logical that carbohydrate depletion causes slow growth and inferior floral formation.

Carbo Load's all-natural carbohydrates feed quickly into plant metabolic systems to produce measurable increase in vigor and floral production.

Carbo Load also provides fuel for beneficial, root-enhancing microbes such as those contained in Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice, Piranha and Tarantula.

Carbo Load comes in powdered and liquid formulations. Powder is best used for small crops when watering solutions are hand mixed. Liquid is great for hydro reservoirs and drip emitters. Either way, easy to use Carbo Load gives your plants the energy recharge they need to make a strong finish with more flowers and fruit on your plants.

Now that's sweet!

Key Point: For optimum growth and bang for your buck out of Piranha and Tarantula, use Carbo Load. This product should be used throughout the entire life of the plant from rooted clone to harvest. When using the powder version of Carbo Load you should dissolve the powder in a container of water before adding it to the reservoir.
I think I will start using it throughout the entire flush next time, but I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions?

I will also post this, It is prolly the best description of why and how a plant uses carbohydrates/sugars.
Most growers feed their plants with sugar without understanding its importance. For instance, the bouquet you gift your loved one on Valentine's Day are generally kept in water with sugar to extend their bloom. By simply adding fulvic acid and humic acid to your nutrient solution will automatically provide build blocks for sugar. Very few growers know that there is a meter called Brix Meter which is available in the market to measure sugar levels in the leaves. The more sugar you provide your plants the healthier they are and it also improves overall hydroponics yield.Plants in general are photoautotrophs; this means plants can synthesize their food directly with the help of light and inorganic compounds using photons. Plants do this using a process called photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide and water are the inorganic compounds and sunlight is the energy source. The final product consists of a simple sugar, glucose and oxygen.

The chemical reaction formed is:

6CO2 + 12H2O + photons -> C6H2O6 + 6O2 + 6H2O

(gas) (liquid) (aqueous) (gas) (liquid)

The process called carbon fixation uses a high-energy molecule, ATP, to create sugar. Glucose is simple sugar produced from carbon fixation. These simple sugar produced called glucose, also known as monosaccharide can be easily broken down by plants and are used for energy. Cellulose is categorized as complex sugar or polysaccharides are also produced during the process. Cellulose or polysaccharides have a chain of two or more types of sugar and are used for lipid and amino acid biosynthesis. In cellular respiration polysaccharide is used as fuel and is the prime component of all green plants cell walls.

With proper knowledge and understanding of photosynthesis, you'll know the importance of sugar produced through this process. You'll know that sugar and starch are very important for the plants as they help to maintain plants' metabolism rate. Sugar helps in forming building blocks that keep the plants cells together. It's clear that your plants have sweet-tooth and are good at making the sugar they need.

Flowering plants burn carbohydrates to successfully produce bigger vegetables and fruits during bloom phase. The whole process of photosynthesis takes up a lot of energy. By adding organic carbohydrate supplement into your nutrient solution the allocated carbohydrates will be replenished easily. Therefore, this will save energy that your plants utilize to create sugar and instead use it for flowering process.

Many beneficial bacteria and fungi break down sugar and for this they use energy which otherwise should have been used for other purposes. Remember, the more the number of beneficial microorganisms the easier is the absorption of nutrients by the roots. This promotes improved flowering and healthy looking plants.

It's advisable to provide your plants with something organic to improve the taste and aroma of the fruits and vegetables of your plants. Xylose and arabinose are also types of natural sugar essential for your plants.

For any sugar supplement, glucose should be the main ingredient. It's an excellent source for producing proteins and in lipid metabolism. Fructose is also one important component of most fruits, berries and melons. It's twice as sweets as disaccharide sucrose (combination of glucose and fructose). Disaccharide maltose is also one important sugar because the enzymes can break it into two glucose molecules.

These are important types of sugar produced by plants naturally. An ideal supplement should contain these simple and complex sugar substances along with nutrient solution. This will encourage plants to increase the level of sugar and also let your plants use the available energy in other important productive areas. Your fruits and vegetables will be tastier and aromatic as well.
Any thoughts?


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I am using AN Bud Candy, since this is my first grow I cant yell you if it's doing any good. Buy my ladiesate enjoying it. I tried blackstrap molasses bout a month ago at a 1 tablespoon pet gallon water and my ladies did not like what so ever. Had a brownish slime build up, lost one plant, one is trying to recover with slow bud development now and two who recovered fully. I wish I could tell you the strains, but since they bag seed, kinda going with the flow. If I have an opportunity I will update my journal and show the progression.

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Unsulfered Blackstrap Molasses, ~$2.50 at your local grocery store.

Pretty much all Bud Candy is, without the outrageous price tag/cute name/fancy label.

Your call.


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Droopy dog, was that too much that I used? It is unsulfured blackstrap molasses that I used. My tomato plants are loving it, but don't know what went wrong. It was fresh batch of nutrients, using 5 gallon buckets with a five inch air stone. Your thoughts please?

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You in hydro or something?

Molasses is used to feed microbes in soil. Not good at all for hydro applications. 1tbl/gallon is fine for the amount, but in dirt.

They do make carbos/sugars for hydro, but no experience there. I'm in organic dirt.



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Thx for the replies all. DD, I am using soilless.

I will be using Carbo right till harvest from now on. I am comfortable with this and have seen nothing that would indicate it will harm the plants, just some extra energy in it's last week.
I will continue to use a powdered carbo additive. Science > organic in my opinion :)

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