Cfl's or Hps?


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im planning on growing indoors with a large amount of cfl's rather than hps bulbs to reduce heat and save on the electric bill. however a friend pointed out that with all those cfl's equalling roughly 400 watts i should get 1, 400 watt hps bulb. Is 1 400watt hps gonna cost the same as cfl's equally 400watts on the electric bill? As far as heat which is the better route to go? Ive always known about the benefits of hps lighting but ive kinda been paranoid about the electricity use and ive always wanted to be discreet and creative with cfl's. The more i think about it, 1 hps light might be more efficient? please anyone with insight help me out, thanks evryone
watts are watts....cfl lumens VS HID lumens is another story.
CFL grows weed....HID and high ouput LED grow weed better.
HID makes heat...that needs to be figured into the budget...IE removal of the heat.
CFLS are great in certain apps...HID in others.
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