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Chronic Pain by Mary Anne G.

Julie Gardener

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Chronic Pain by Mary Anne G.​

I had never used marijuana when I was younger; and am extremely chemically reactive to many prescription drugs. When I was 32, I had undergone the removal of two cervical discs in my neck. The surgery was very successful, but there was and is residual pain. I also have a congenital condition, with constant slippage, and over the years, a great deal of friction had caused quite a bit of pain. I also have arthritis in my hips & knees which flared up when I contracted mononucleosis when I was 37.

The upshot is that I am in quite a bit of pain most of the time. My then fiancé had suggested when I was 34 that I try marijuana and later hashish as a possible pain reliever, as well as being good for anxiety. He was quite knowledgeable about drugs, is in the psychology field, and I trusted him. Well, I did try it, and I could not believe the difference. It was far superior to any prescription pain meds I had been on, with none of the side effects.

The other positive side effect was the diminishment of anxiety, and that was without even achieving a true high.

Hash had proved to be just as effective, with the difference being that I didn't get the "headiness". All of my family is from and lives in Northern Ireland, and their outlook on marijuana and hashish is much more enlightened than here in the US.

My only problem of course, is procurement; it is not even legal to get it medically in the state where I live, so I have had to go back to using pain meds to function.

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